Trapped in the Closet

I drew this screwy little pic while I was at Hazel’s. It’s called “Trapped in the Closet Dollhouse.” Inspired by Vogue magazine, J-bert wearing these crazy glasses and r. kelly.

Everyone sing along now….

“So I was just standing there…
Tom Cruise… he locks himself in the closet…
then… John Travolta comes and he… locks himself in the closet too-oo.
Nobody’s got no answers…
So then I pull out my GUN! ( oh lord, there he goes with the gun again.)

One, I’m gonna cap this ho-o.
Two, I’m gonna shoot some bi-itch…

2 responses to “Trapped in the Closet

  1. wow! its turned out really well! nice. But just to make things clear in case there are any misunderstandings…there was no r. kelly goin on at my house LOL! just so THAT is clear… i was torturing ilike with neil young and joni mitchell actually :p she could have shut out neil and was silently fantacising about r. kelly, but there was no r. kelly in my house…i repeat…no r. kelly. :D

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