A Picture for You

Diaries are for ranting–not so, not today–it’s amazing what a good night of sleep can do to the spirits. Gorgeous weather in Munich –winter’s death rattle at last? And then (–) is getting bigger every day. Still three weeks to go until he’s done, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days he (she?) just said “fuck this noise” and Chuck Norrised a little fist right out of the side of my stomach. I can sense the eagerness to be born. Like my developing eagerness to give birth, but–

I will certainly miss rubbing my despotically fat stomach.

In the meantime, because the nifty people at wordpress display the searches that have lead others to your site, I’ve noticed that a marked percentage have found their way into my lair with some homosexual keyword– only to be horribly disappointed! Well, no more. I will do my tiny part–this is a picture for all the people who also like balls touching. It’s an oldie, but a goodie– my copy of Clifford Baker’s photograph from “The Male Nude.” (Censored, ’cause I’m not sure if you’re allowed to display ‘adult content’ on WordPress. Though circle-jerks are so junior high, I don’t even know if they count as adult content… They don’t, right? Oh well. Whatever.)

Winter Is Over

2 responses to “A Picture for You

  1. Finally a POST!!!! I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat waaaaaiiiiiittttiiiinnnng…. It was worth the wait though :) I do like how you starred out the hands (groin area) my imagination is really running wild this morning….

  2. Hehehe, glad it was worth the wait.
    I’ve still got to get that racism post out too >:P In the meantime, I thought some nude males were in order. Happy Friday to you, Hazel =)

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