Die, der, das Tsunami

My quest was to draw a Japanese woman holding a dragonfly. I realize that some creative viewers may interpret a feral adolescent boy with weird nipples inexplicably wearing a negligee. (Not my intention, I promise.)

Anyway, dragonflies remind me of Japan… A lot of people are praying of late, but whenever I’ve tried that prayer bit in the past, not much seemed to come out of it (I could’ve been doing it wrong, I admit.)

So instead, we’ll be throwing a sushi-fundraiser night–if you are concerned about the people who’ve lost their homes oversees, if you like sushi, or if both of these apply to you, you’re welcome to come by the 26th of March– we’ll be making/serving sushi past seven and having a donation box out– Nobody will be keeping track of who gives how much, so just toss in whatever you can and at the end of the night, we’ll send the total to the Japanese Red Cross. Sushi provided by us; BYO drinks and hookers. ^-^b

This may be the last event we will host for a while since (–) is getting restless
in the womb, so I hope many people can come. If you’re not a person who will get invited through J-bert’s FB event, but you read this somehow, know me from somewhere,  live in Munich and want to drop by, you can respond here.

So sleepy. ZZZZZ.


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4 responses to “Die, der, das Tsunami

  1. Looking forward to it! Are you making vegetarian sushi as well?

  2. Yes, vegetarian sushi will make an appearance. =) Glad you’re coming, Tilman!

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