The Dream

The Dream

When I was a kid in Hungary, we had this huge oil painting hanging in our bedroom called The Dream. It really was huge– over two meters long, probably a meter and a half wide, a painting by a Hungarian painter called Eisenhut. I don’t remember exactly what was on it–it was dark as hell, those oils get dark as the years pass, but there was a reclining woman–a hookah, maybe? (Or a samovar? Some exotic, steaming contraption.) And a monkey–the monkey was offering the woman a fruit, or a basket of fruit…

The picture is long gone–sold to someone–it’s hanging in some other bedroom now and even if we ever got it back, it’s too BIG to ever fit in our apartment, but–

One day, I’m going to get two meters of canvas, a bunch of oils and paint that picture–get it back! My own dream. (The boys posed for this sketch ^-^)

Hope you moofs had a nice Easter!!

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4 responses to “The Dream

  1. nice job moof. love it, especially the little monkey :)

  2. Thank ya, Hazel–I channeled all my monkey drawing prowess!!

  3. Captain FAIL

    Awesome drawing! I like the monkey, too :D
    Although I think you understated (-)’s cheeks a little bit.

  4. Thanks, Fail. =)
    Yes, it’s not easy to fully capture the curve of his stately cheeks.
    I will try–and try again!

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