Mayday Mayday – Willi Hoppe Exhibit

Sadly, I am hobnobbing with the in-laws this weekend, but I wanted you all to know that my very good artist friend W is having an exhibition starting on this Saturday here in Munich. I’d like to wish him a big turn-out and every success!

The exhibit is called ‘Mayday Mayday’ and the opening party is on the 9th of June at 7 pm. (Tomorrow, Saturday).

I met W earlier this year when I was irredeemably pregnant and he needed a model to brush up on some life-drawing. Since then, we’ve become such good friends and I’ve had a bazillion awesome chats with him about books, art, drawing, painting… he’s inspired and pushed me in my own drawing, introduced me to some great other artists here in Munich (like Stefan Heide) and has made me hundreds of delicious cups of black coffee. He is a dedicated artist and a shyboy at heart.

About his art: W paints and draws emotion and the body; the psychological and erotic connection and tension between us and our own bodies and the bodies around us (note: this is my personal interpretation of his art, not necessarily his!); and the no-doubt extremely complex relationship he has to his own body after what he’s been through because of it. His work is psychosexual and spontaneous; disturbing and playful. You can look at some of his newest stuff here. The exhibit in this private gallery will feature both his drawings and paintings.

W. Hoppe – Mayday Mayday
10/7 – 17/7
Open Sat-Sun 2-6/ other days, by appointment
Atelier Casati
Schiltbergerst. 1
81667 Munchen Haidhausen

Opening night (that I sadly can’t attend) will have music; a speech by Mr. Heide and wines and cheeses–I will be going next weekend, not this one– if anyone who reads this and knows me would like to attend with me, just drop a line!^-^

W, congratulations and I wish you a great opening night!

3 responses to “Mayday Mayday – Willi Hoppe Exhibit

  1. leilani,andskye/ms.mason 6A

    this is great art

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