From Russia, With Love

I vow!

To not be terrorized by Hands no more! In case you’re wondering, drawing hands is one of the hardest thing for figure drawers to master (I would argue). There are so many subtle and fine differences that can make a drawn hand  look just…. wrong.

This night and last night, I busted out my back copies of Vogue to go on a hand-drawing rampage, realizing that I had a veritable, unplumbed hand-reference-gold-mine right here.  Strewn about my living room floor and un-recycled! Thus I practiced and decided to use my growing hand skillz on this week’s Illustration Friday Prompt: Influence.  And I came up with:

Yep, it's a boy in a parka. He's a Russian boy.

So yeah, nothing to do with ‘Influence’ ahahahaha. Unless it’s an illustration about how easily I am influenced into drawing fur coats and guys. But I tried! I really tried moofies, aber die Dunkel Seite war zu starke! (Oh god, and now the Dark Side just made me write some really bad German!!) Behold my little experiment with colored paper… I actually got several pieces of different colored papers a few weeks ago, but tonight was my rendezvous with the last sheet, yet untainted with mistakes. I attacked it with graphite, white and a peach colored-pencil. Sadly, very little of the shading was transferred by Scannie the Scanner… but the part that counts can be seen just fine. Not to toot my own horn, but pretty nice hand huh….? >:P

All right, I’m done tootin’ my horn.

In the meantime, (–) has a new name now. He’s not just (–), he’s Parkour (–). He’s started his parkour career at the tentative age of five months and now we have to be very careful, since he  worms into our bed (and down onto the floor : ( a lot faster than ever before. At lightening speed. It might even be time to get him one of those cages they normally put tiny kids in….

Cribs. That’s what they’re called.

Poor Parkour (–) may have to be caged. It makes me sad, because I liked his stripey blue bum* wriggling into my sleep space and hearing his little snuffles in the middle of the night, but he’s only going to be moving more and more from here out. Soon he’ll be…. CRAWLING. Fuck. I think that means we have to finally clean up that full chess set that is…. oh, at floor height At infant-choking height. Before we’re digging bishops out of his maw and pawns out of his poop….

*stripey blue bum: Did y’all know that Asian kids have blue butts? Ok, not baboon blue, but their butts have this blue tinge to them…. and so does (–)’s! It fades once the kids are a few years old, but until then, I will enjoy his little blue bummy bum… god, it’s late, that’s probably why I’m talking about my kid’s ass here. Good night, for reals.

6 responses to “From Russia, With Love

  1. Hello again! Fabulous pic! You nailed the hands – I’ve been agonising over hands the past few days and are painting a giant blue woman with four of them… four! Feet are almost as bad, do you hate feet as well?

    • Hello– Thanks for dropping by =)

      Four hands? Oh God…. one hand is about my limit. (If there’s two, there’s a high chance one will be screwed up.) Four…. is admirable, and definitely beyond my abilities.
      I wish you luck on a woman with four hands!
      (And no, I haven’t even gotten to feet really. But I’m sure I don’t like them >:P)

  2. its a very cold picture indeed…i think the blue background makes it especially cold brrrrrr! nice.

  3. The girl in the drawing looks exactly like the daughter of a friend of mine. I never made it to the hands.

  4. @ Joseph
    Thank you! I think this holy war against the tyranny of the hand is starting to work.
    @ rapidrain
    I’m not stalking your friend’s daughter, I swear. (And I wonder if that incidentally means that your friend’s daughter looks like Justin Beiber, ’cause when I finished this drawing, I thought… this Russian boy in a parka looks a bit like Justin Beiber…. maybe it was just me thinking that…
    @Miss Ang
    Yep. A cold background, to match my icy heart <3 :D

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