Sank yuu!

It was not easy, the day you were born. A moleskine sketch I'm not sure about...

You know, I’ve read so many books over the course of my life, it’s sick– I’ve written so much about books, in emails, in letters, in diaries, here on this blog, it’s insane. When it’s come to dropping letters, I’ve really let it rain, so how unbelievable it is one day to  read something someone had written about a book I’ve written:

….and so this is a story powered by yearning. Though the book describes itself as a genderqueer tale, it shares with yaoi (boy love manga) a searing energy of unrequited love, a passion that unfulfilled is more gripping to readers than the actual coupling of characters could ever be.

….This is a story slick, professional comic art would ruin. Merey’s art, if more amateur, better parallels the life experiments of the high school characters in its grips….

(bold added by me) … It’s like… M-M-Merey’s…. art?  I have ART?!?

You can read the full review here if you’re interested and thank you to Cathy Camper for a nice, thoughtful review!

And now, moving forward. Being in Berlin and talking to Joseph really reconfirmed that I have to stop drinking, frequenting brothels, retire my crack pipe and get my life together… No, what am I saying, I’ve got to stop being a big, quavering pussy and finish my second (I guess technically my third, whatever) book and then find the courage to show it to someone. But I’m afraid.

It’s not that I think it’s badly written… but I just hate imposing on the reader and I feel like this may be one of those books. That impose. I think I might be stretching a reader’s patience too far with it–on the other hand, I feel the story can’t be told any other way.

Oh well, I’ll get it done first–focus of my night, to get back on that.
Hope you’re well, moofies!

7 responses to “Sank yuu!

  1. dont be a weeny moof and get that 2nd book out…or 3rd…you will have to tell me about it :) cause i am confused…or did you tell me about it and i should stop smoking the crack??

  2. I am of the mind that you should never stop smoking crack.
    I think you’ve heard me read from it once or twice. It’s about this screwy three-way relationship… I’ve actually had it 95 percent done for a year now, it’s just that last final push of pulling all the strings together that’s gotten me stumped. But I’m working on it. =)

  3. Oh and, you might be pleased to hear that Musti is going to help me with making some kind of internet platform for ‘H’! So your hard, beautiful work will not go to waste, and of course, your work will get full credit and if I end up making even a little money, some of it is yours–and I still owe you and Daniel a nice dinner at a place of your choosings! Maybe when the holidays are done and you guys are breathing a little easy, you can tell me what/where you prefer.

  4. Your art is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a very long while. It’s a difficult sensation to describe, but there is an indefinable quality to each of your works that draws you in with a sense of familiarity, and simultaneously transports you out into another realm. Maybe equal parts abstraction and realism is a more accurate way of saying it.

    • Abstraction and Realism: My artist friend looked over at a drawing I was doing the other day and shook his head, saying: You’re living in a dream. Hehe, I’m obsessed with some sort of idealized version of the human body, face, emotion. Sometimes I feel like I can express it… sometimes not. Thank you for coming by!

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