Imma Be An Illustrator, k?

Hooker with a Penis

[Don't ask, really random sketch while I was thinking about a Tool song....]

Anyway! In all the excitement of the last entry, I forgot to tell y’all about a really cool development in my little ‘career’. No, no… not ‘space cowboy’. That career has been a bit stalled. Nope, the career I’m talking about is:


I was hired (!) to illustrate (!!) a gay story (!!!). This is officially the first time someone hires me to draw something for them. (Where I get paid in MONEY for what I draw, not coolio points, undying respect, food, XXX acts, Cheetos or other delicious non-monatery reimbursements.)

It’s only four pics, it’s not due until fall. It has to be PG.
But I am excited! I will definitely give it all I’ve got and illustrate the fuck out of that story!! And!

A very nice girl I met on Goodreads (met = I stalked her. But hey, as you can see, sometimes stalking pays! ;) So, this very nice girl who I totally did not stalk in a creepy way and who is a future mega-librarian and current book-blogger has generously asked me to do a guest post on her blog and talk about my book, my ideas on writing, etc. etc. I also drew pictures for her… Since this was a guest post, I took quite a bit of Time and Effort to sound coherent, so I really encourage you moofs to check it out if you have a second (or more like 80 seconds…) Here’s the link: No really, this may be the first and only post you read from me where I sound kind of like a normal person and do not use any obscenities and drew nice pictures with no wounds/bits. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Goodnight =)

10 responses to “Imma Be An Illustrator, k?

  1. Wow ilike! Thats amazing news!!! Congratulations!

    • Thank you, Paintblotch =) I’ll have to show you the final product! (To be honest, I’m a little scared… I have to draw… normal boys. You know, not super pretty boys. But two normal boys. I may need help….. !!)

  2. Naturally, I like this for a number of reasons… :D

    But seriously, congrats on the good news! You are officially official! I hope you are now realize that a) yes, you ARE an illustrator and b) you are AMAZINGLY talented at it! Keep up all the good work, I always love seeing girls dying on my couch when I open my inbox ;)

    P.S. I wish your hooker’s penis were bigger….

    • Yay everyone! Genna came over! This is the really sweet person I met on Goodreads =) She has been so nice to me and I’m already plotting to harass her when I’m in NY next. Genna, thanks again– you put so much work into the review and then putting up the guest post– (Expect a new born on your doorstep any day now. And I will even grow my hookerpenis larger. For you. :D)

  3. Congratulations on the new job illustrator!

  4. You are truly an artist Moof, there is NO doubt. A great big congratulatory hug! You are on an amazing adventure. (The illustrations of Genna are just beautiful. )

  5. Love the drawing, can’t wait to see what ya do with the ‘gay story’.

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