Vicarious - 'I need to watch things die. From a safe distance.'

You know, I love, but I think I don’t get Tool’s music. Whenever I listen to one of their songs, I end up drawing something like above– their songs make me feel floaty and sad, but if you look at a ‘Tool’ video, it’s always these little humanoid creatures getting tortured and raped etc. etc, almost reminding me of fucked up Claymation. Their videos are much more brutal and in a way, more silly, than their music… they never quite fit for me, but since they fit for the band, it must be me…

Anyway, sort of a low key weekend. I’m looking for something to throw things up.

Another ‘Tool’ video I randomly watched while drawing this weekend was synced to the David Lynch movie ‘Eraserhead’ and now I’m a little intrigued by wanting to see it though a friend recently most distinctly said DO NOT WATCH ERASERHEAD. (Because it would freak me out.)

(Important bit of random information about me: The Moof is a spectacular coward.]

Any Eraserhead fans out there? What’s your take? Can a pussy handle it? Or should I let this one go?

23 responses to “Vicarious

  1. Eraserhead is slightly weird but also a little tedious I’m afraid.
    But then I found Mullholland Drive extremely tedious.
    I just don’t get Art house movies. They seems pointless unless you’re on drugs.

    • Tin Roof– Nooooo!
      You didn’t like Mulholland?! But you’re an artist! …are you saying if I tear open your closet door, I’m not going to find 100 identical black berets either?
      …oh all right. So you didn’t like Mulholland. You still sound like a really cool gal ^^ [But me and these artyfart films get along pretty well.. even without the drugs!]

      • Mulholland drive was uber pretentious! Besides being a shed load of nonsense. He could have cut up all his scenes, jumbled them in a bucket and then at random picked them out, spliced together and had another movie that would pretty much be the same.
        Erasehead is NOT scary. It’s is totally tame, considering the amount of violence and horror on regular TV you will not be fazed. It has a weird baby in it and a nice song.
        I only have one red beret in my closet. I have never worn it :( clearly I’m no artist.

    • @ Tin Roof (wtf, WP doesn’t let me reply directly to your thread : ( )
      Anyway, I am no film critic. If it was a book, I could go on and on. With movies, I can usually only say: I liked it. I did not like it.
      Maybe you’re right–maybe he could have jumbled the movie up and made something similar with a different order. All I know though is how the movie made me FEEL. There are scenes, I think I will not forget them while I live. I think that is pretty powerful. Usually yes, I agree with you–I get impatient with movies (and books) that try an audience’s patience. Don’t try to be fucking CLEVER, I think. Tell me a good story. Give me characters that make me laugh/cry/wonder. But Mulholland… it was, for me, like being sucked into a dream, and not a boring one. Because it was a dream, it did not make sense— but I also couldn’t wake up, even when I started to realize ‘this is not real.’ I think that’s what I loved about it–(You know those dreams? Where you wake up in a cold sweat, yet if you tried to describe it to someone, there is nothing inherently scary or even coherent in it and they would think it was ridiculous?) I think Lynch’s genius in that movie was the ability to make me share his dream and actually find the not-terrifying terrifying….
      I own zero berets. Heh, clearly we are both not artists :D (Is there a minimum beret count? Is it ten?)

      • hmmm yes, I must agree with you there, it was very dream like, but the thing is do I need to pay to go to a cinema to see a dream? I have loads on a regular basis, waking and sleeping. But you’re right, it was memorable if not my cup of tea. I think you’ll enjoy Eraserhead. It’s not scary, but also dreamlike, defo watch it.

    • Okay, now I feel the scales tip more towards me seeing Eraserhead… so I just have to find someone to watch it with me so I don’t shit myself… >< My man's out–he's even more scared of this crap than I am…

  2. Eraser head will freak you out but thats even more reason to watch it :) nice drawing

  3. I’m a coward too…and I haven’t watched Eraserhead. Sometimes difficult or creepy things just stick around with me for too long, although sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself. Maybe it makes you sensitive not so much cowardly?
    The drawing is amazing.

    • That’s exactly it, Karen. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I feel like disturbing images stay with me for too long. Maybe other people can forget them easier, or not be bothered by them, but for months, nay, years after certain movies/images, I can’t go to the bathroom at night without fear!
      I’m glad you like the drawing <3

  4. I am an amazing David Lynch fan, but I could not watch Eraserhead alone. It totally freaked me out. Since watching it the first time I always wear a shirt an tie, just to have some stability in my life again.

    • Hmm… so far, the crowd seems to be pointing me towards NOT watching Eraserhead. Maybe I should just play it safe… Enjoy the next decade of midnight bathrooming, fear-free…

  5. No watch it. You should really.

  6. It’s one of those movies that no one really enjoys, but you have to watch, just so you can say you did. The guy had the greatest hair…

    • ::laughs:: Okay, so more votes in the ‘not so great’ area… I think I will see it though. I just have to recruit a watching buddy. Don’t want to fly solo on this project…

  7. Moof, you organise an Eraserhead evening. I’ll come along, maybe with A. A will comfort both of us, J can make coffee, Nazg can provide necessary dstractions.

  8. There’s a saying where I come from. It’s very simple, actually! “This party needs moar TOOL!”
    As people might interpret that saying in many different ways, the simple fact is that it means just what it says.
    Is it a coincidence that I’m listening to Vicarious as I open your blog and see that post? I think not, my friend. I think not!
    Take a shot of Jaegermeister, that’ll put some hair on your chest! Now you’re scared of nothing! Go watch the damn movie and decide for your own. If it was shitty, just take another shot of JM and listen to some moar Tool!

    • oh and here’s something that I found on the nets.
      Totally unrelated (maybe?) though:

    • Yeah, I’m gonna watch the movie. ^^
      Do something you fear every day. Haven’t done something that scares me in a while. (Except for being with your mom last night. That kind of freaked me out, but for her, I am brave :D)
      Yes, every party will always need more Tool. M. J. Keenan, his singing voice is sexxxxxxxxx.

      • I’ve been having some of the weirdest dreams lately. I wake up and I’m like “WTF is a zombie woman trying to do to me? and why am I laughing with her about it?” Now I know where these dreams are coming from, Moofie!
        You just had to drag Mrs.Off into that whole conversation, didn’t you? You know that she won’t be happy when I tell her about that. Probably gonna give you a coupon for that! OFAR

  9. Lollll. Hans Off, you remain my favorite sexual punishment dispensing personage in Munich. Oh fuck it, one of my favorite people in general. Munich or otherwise :D

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