The Infernal Bridegroom

I'm not sure what's going on in this picture.... but it looks like fun ... (moleskine)

detail o' the groom...

Hey moofs. It’s been a while.

Enough of a while that I actually got a text from a fan (I have a fan. yes. One.) telling me to either 1. Make a post. 2. Post a pic of my tits.

I wish I had really killer tits, because that would mean less work for me and more fun for you, but I decided to go with ‘post’ for the happiness of all.

This picture is called ‘Wedding Night – The Infernal Bridegroom.’ Honey on the right is a really sweet guy who contacted me (!) and sent me a few photos¬†(!) I can use for drawings when I have time. (When do I not have time to draw a pretty man? Two hours of sleep a day is enough, right?)

In the meantime, my publisher is reading my book. I’m so nervous, I could puke. This is the closest I’ve gotten to this book getting published, this moment right now. And I’m so scared to get the “Sorry, but… well yeah, not what I’m looking for…” email >< that will then drag me away from this moment.

But I’m staying it positive¬† ^^

Nazgul News: Parkour (–) has started his parkour career in earnest. We now keep the kitchen window closed, because he did indeed parkour into the kitchen from the dining room. I knew he was by the window (he usually is, molesting the printer) and I thought nothing of it. His dad was washing dishes and then next thing I know, a spectacular clatter and a shriek that would have stopped Sauron himself, the Great Burning Vagina of Evil in the Sky, dead in his tracks… There’s a ledge directly under the window, so he didn’t fall very far at all, just startled the hell out of himself–and us. So now the window is closed (if this story makes no sense to you, there is a really strange window that opens into our kitchen from the dining room… the window is by the floor. I know. Hard to visually… but easy to parkour through : O)

Wishing you guys a nice week ~__~

9 responses to “The Infernal Bridegroom

  1. Good luck with the publisher, I know you’ll do great. And why is it that it’s only cute when someone else asks a strange girl to show off her chest?

    • BK! (I just deleted 10 other exclamation points :D)
      How great to see you. = )
      Hehe, didn’t quite get what you meant there… why is it only cute if someone else (other than you?) asks to see a random girl’s chest? I am always flattered when someone asks to see my chest! (But now showing said chest, which is a very disappointing chest, is another story…)

  2. I’d motorboat that! Oh wait, what? Errr… I came here prepared for pictures of TATAAAHHHS :-)
    I do prefer the post, though.

    If the Nazgul should ever get a scar because of his parkouring, you should teach him to tell the chicks in school that it’s from the war “back in Nam” ;-) Or the usual “I was saving a baby from a burning building” story. This works too.
    Good luck on the publishing thing. Will be looking forward to reading that one!

    Oh and here’s the random of the day:
    “Did you know that sand can crawl up your buttcrack if you’re sitting on the beach?”

    • Thanks Hans… I’m sure the Nazgul will come up with creative ways to explain the scars of growing up with us. It seems that on the last few weeks, he’s been on a mission to kill himself. Just today, I dug a huge chunk of eraser out of his face. My reward for wanting him to keep an appendix clean of eraser was a big bite on the finger :<

      …I did not know that about the sand, but I will most definitely watch out…

  3. Is the groom watching someone else having it off with his misses/mister? No wonder he’s smoking

  4. Very entertaining reading moof. And awesome art work. I wanna read the book!

  5. Um I wanna see your chest too. But hopefully not that hairy :)

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