A Nazgul Is Born

She might be a Nazgul. She might also just be a normal baby. To check, J and (–) and me are off to Berlin for the weekend. Oh, and here is a random picture for you in the meantime. Whoo, why not? Pretty pastel blue, for Easter.

This is Stav S., he is a beautiful Russian boy with very sad eyes. Bird skull in hair inspired by this lady's beautiful photography ^^

So I will be spending my weekend oohing and aaahing over a baby that may or may not have a conehead. (I hope she doesn’t. Paintblotch has basically taught me to distrust coneheaded peoples and I do have a pretty bad prejudice about them now.) Mingling with the inlaws. Keep me in your thoughts.

Sadly, (–) is too little yet to do anything kind of fun like egg dyeing or Easter egg finding, though he did get some nice Easter presents from my mom including (another!) talking animal.

Talking toys rant: You know, I have a love and hate relationship with those creepy talking toys. The kids love them, and they probably do help teach kids some vocab blah blah blah, but… they are so damn creepy. The newest addition to our talking toy menagerie is a dog. All its parts are labeled, and once you turn it on, the kid is encouraged to touch different parts of the dog’s body by this high-pitched sexless voice. [You see exactly where this is going??]

My kid likes this toy a lot, and I’ll be at my computer while he’s on the ground. I can hear the toy:

-Red heart!
-Touch my red heart!
-Touch my ear! Touch my foot!
-I love you!
-You’re my best friend!
-Don’t tell anyone…
-This is our secret!
-Touch my…

Me turning around. Wtf? My kid is smiling. Dog is staring at me with it’s creepy painted on smile, like ‘What? What did I say? I’m just teaching your kid the different parts of the body. Heh heh.’

God, I need to get more sleep.

Happy Easter, moofs. ^^

19 responses to “A Nazgul Is Born

  1. Oh wow. The ex has a talking dog dressed as a gondolier who sings O solo mio and sways. I want to smash it its so annoying.

  2. Have a great weekend!
    The talking dog sounds quite disturbing…
    The drawing is lovely, is that a little bird skull in the hair? =)
    I’ve another, coming soon…

    • Dear Karen, that IS a bird skull!
      And it was of course inspired by YOUR beautiful bird skull photos!! =) In the slap-dash of this post (heh, I write this from our hotel room) I forgot to give credit where it’s due..! Changed that now, and I hope you have a great Easter (oh please, yes, more little animal skulls, I love them, and you take such detailed pictures, perfect for sketching!! ^^)

  3. Nice drawing…a two pager.

  4. Amazing sketch moof. You have a wonderful Easter. M

    • Oh, I thought of you the other day in my sketch class. Our model had the biggest knockers Of All Time and I was really screwing them up. A shame, really >< You have a good Easter too, MB.

  5. Haha can’t wait to see your sketches from sketch class then x

  6. I love this, he is beautifully wicked. And I’m right with you on animal skulls.

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