Illu Frito – White Wedding

White Wedding – You may now kiss the bride…

The topic for this week’s Illustration Friday was ‘Hitched’ and I have an idea that 80 % of the people thought of something marri-age oriented. I know I did… The colors are a lot more vibrant on the original, but they looked like absolute poop when I scanned them, so I had to mute it down a bit, but there it is… a white wedding in a spring field (or a cyclone, as this scan would have it.) [I didn't draw all the wedding clothes, I'm sorry, I don't like drawing clothes... ]

And, moofs? Anything interesting going on in your neck of the woods?

Not much here, except that the Munich spring was officially welcomed last weekend (or was it two weekends ago? Time is going by like a motherfucker.) Spring in Munich does not start, incidentally, when a groundhog pokes his head out of his hole; when a certain flower deigns to burst forth its bloom, or when a certain bird is seen circling in the sky. It’s officially spring here in Munich when you go down to the Isar river and have your first picnic, and as you innocuously roast your wienies and clink your beers, you look up and spot a crazy Japanese man running around the shores wearing a black mankini ala Borat. The front barely covers his junk; the back flosses up his high, tight butt, he runs up and down the shores while tens, perhaps even hundreds of people whip out their camera phones and take a picture. Women squeal, men shake their heads or grin knowingly and then, and only when you have spotted the crazy man can you can sit back with a smile on your lips, thinking, ahh. Spring.

It has finally come to Munich.

15 responses to “Illu Frito – White Wedding

  1. Hey nice one moof!! the energy is great! One piece of constr. crit: the ear on the guy wearing the nice skirt, seems to be floating away from his head…or trying to get past the hair…(or maybe he is just so turned on by his partner that his ears started to pull out?) other than that awesome job especially love how the heads are fused together…almost symbolic like. But yeah, when you draw again, consider that the ear sits above the jawline like the boy on the left, his ears are in the right spot…stable strong ear. And my have your ears improved in general? They are really well formed and rendered in this image!!

  2. ps. So…yeah…i wonder why J. doesnt get more numbers when he prances around shamelessly in his mankini during our Isar parties?

  3. LOL Thanks Hazel ^^ I KNOW, his ear should totally be where the little line is where the jaw ends. I noticed it… right after I inked ~_~ So I was like… wtf, dude, his ear is like 1 cm off!! haha. I briefly considered repasting it in PS, but I am so lazy….
    But thanks, you know ears have always been my weakness ::sheepish face::

  4. much better MUCH better!!!

  5. Sweet and lovely, though characteristically a bit weird. I love the hair most, so cool!

  6. I feel like swaying to this! Its lovely

  7. That was a hot one…well done.

  8. You’re so awesome! I do not think I’ve read through something like
    this before. So wonderful to discover somebody with unique thoughts on this
    issue. Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This website is one thing that
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    • Oh hi, uhh… thanks!!
      Heh, I don’t know how original my thoughts are, but I do have a lot of thoughts >___> and I find myself wanting to put them down. Thanks for reading and commenting!! <3

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