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There Were Girls Without Clothes and I Drew Them

My weekend looked like this.

I’m too tired to come up with a more euphemistic title for this post.

Dear moofs, what’s good?

Me, well I’m so tired, I literally spent all weekend drawing hot, naked babes. ALL WEEKEND.

W and I took workshop with bondage cuties totally normal models with an artist friend of his who is also a teacher–I drew so much that my hand hurts–I had about 30 cups of coffee over the two days and my nose is now permanently filled with that weird sicksweet sweaty smell ateliers seem to always possess. All in all, it was a productive, fun weekend with W, Stefan H. and the gang–


Yay, more girls… I dedicate this picture to Michael B., my WP figure drawing friend.


If I was king, this guy would have been required to be one of our models too.


RIP II – Hair practice– [I drew this out of sheer happiness because I finally got the balls up to contact one of my art heroes who I've been admiring from afar for months and he's been such a nice guy =)

All right moofs, nothing more to see here. Thanks for dropping into my lair and have a great week ^^

Illu Frito- Suspend

This way, please.

One day, I’m going to draw hair so amazing, it’s going to knock everyone’ on their ass. Today isn’t the day, but I practiced at least. Channeled the inner Durer (according to W, at least ~_~). I drew this pic with the Illu Friday prompt ‘suspend’ and the Cocteau Beauty and Beast movie in mind. If I remember, I was forced to watch that in my junior high French class, only to have it come back….waaaaaay later. (The beauty is walking in the castle and there is blackness, nobody to guide her… only white hands suspended, gently guiding….)

In other news: I was on tumblr when I read a random post about a woman who had more or less accidentally attended a Danny Tosh show (if you don’t know who he is, he’s a comedian who eerily looks like Hillary Swank in his younger clips…) anywhoo, so she attended this Danny Tosh show with a friend, and in true DT style, he started off with a litany of offensive jokes (in this case, rape jokes) to the point where the woman finally yelled out ‘Rape is never funny!’

At which point he said something to the effect of “Wouldn’t it be so funny if that woman [who just yelled that] got raped by five guys, like, right now? Wouldn’t it be so funny?’

To make a long story short, the woman blogged about the experience–it sort of exploded online, I mean, hell, even I read about it, and Danny Tosh ended up writing a sort-of apology on Twitter (followed by a flurry of comments by fellow comedians more or less unanimously denouncing the stupidity of this poor woman.)

And I had to wonder–where do I stand on the issue? I mean, in this individual issue, it’s clear. Tosh could’ve defused the ‘rape is never funny’ shout-out in a handful of other more appropriate ways than suggesting the woman get gang-banged for the audience’s further amusement. It pissed me off that he would say such a thing and I almost wished a bunch of women (or sympathetic males as well) had stormed the stage and taught him a lesson.

Then again, I had watched D. Tosh clips in the past and laughed at any other number of inappropriate jokes he’d made–making me wonder… are there things that should never, ever be used as a joke? In any circumstance?

I can understand why the other comedians rallied to his defense [as fucking pathetic as some of their arguments were, one guy; ‘Oh, so an actor can play a rapist on screen, but Tosh can’t joke about rape?’ was one of the denser ones…so anyway, I can understand why they would defend him–pretty much every comedian is putting food on the table by offending somebody–women, men, homosexuals, heterosexuals, people of religion, people of color, victims of X, Y, Z. Their defense is that laughter is our only defense and if we can’t laugh about something, we are letting it have undue power over us.

And for the most part, I buy that. I like to laugh–I like to laugh at sick shit–I don’t like making things sacred and I laugh equally at what I am and what I am not. Sure, part of it is a mask. If you can laugh at something, I figure, it can’t control you. Religion, stereotypical behavior, slurs. Let’s make them funny and thus bleed their potency a bit.

Or does that just make us callous? Sometimes, these days people seem so scared of taking anything at all seriously. Even the most beautiful and horrible things in life!

Does the ghost of Oscar Wilde have to write and release ‘The Importance of Being Earnest II’?