Illu Frito- Suspend

This way, please.

One day, I’m going to draw hair so amazing, it’s going to knock everyone’ on their ass. Today isn’t the day, but I practiced at least. Channeled the inner Durer (according to W, at least ~_~). I drew this pic with the Illu Friday prompt ‘suspend’ and the Cocteau Beauty and Beast movie in mind. If I remember, I was forced to watch that in my junior high French class, only to have it come back….waaaaaay later. (The beauty is walking in the castle and there is blackness, nobody to guide her… only white hands suspended, gently guiding….)

In other news: I was on tumblr when I read a random post about a woman who had more or less accidentally attended a Danny Tosh show (if you don’t know who he is, he’s a comedian who eerily looks like Hillary Swank in his younger clips…) anywhoo, so she attended this Danny Tosh show with a friend, and in true DT style, he started off with a litany of offensive jokes (in this case, rape jokes) to the point where the woman finally yelled out ‘Rape is never funny!’

At which point he said something to the effect of “Wouldn’t it be so funny if that woman [who just yelled that] got raped by five guys, like, right now? Wouldn’t it be so funny?’

To make a long story short, the woman blogged about the experience–it sort of exploded online, I mean, hell, even I read about it, and Danny Tosh ended up writing a sort-of apology on Twitter (followed by a flurry of comments by fellow comedians more or less unanimously denouncing the stupidity of this poor woman.)

And I had to wonder–where do I stand on the issue? I mean, in this individual issue, it’s clear. Tosh could’ve defused the ‘rape is never funny’ shout-out in a handful of other more appropriate ways than suggesting the woman get gang-banged for the audience’s further amusement. It pissed me off that he would say such a thing and I almost wished a bunch of women (or sympathetic males as well) had stormed the stage and taught him a lesson.

Then again, I had watched D. Tosh clips in the past and laughed at any other number of inappropriate jokes he’d made–making me wonder… are there things that should never, ever be used as a joke? In any circumstance?

I can understand why the other comedians rallied to his defense [as fucking pathetic as some of their arguments were, one guy; ‘Oh, so an actor can play a rapist on screen, but Tosh can’t joke about rape?’ was one of the denser ones…so anyway, I can understand why they would defend him–pretty much every comedian is putting food on the table by offending somebody–women, men, homosexuals, heterosexuals, people of religion, people of color, victims of X, Y, Z. Their defense is that laughter is our only defense and if we can’t laugh about something, we are letting it have undue power over us.

And for the most part, I buy that. I like to laugh–I like to laugh at sick shit–I don’t like making things sacred and I laugh equally at what I am and what I am not. Sure, part of it is a mask. If you can laugh at something, I figure, it can’t control you. Religion, stereotypical behavior, slurs. Let’s make them funny and thus bleed their potency a bit.

Or does that just make us callous? Sometimes, these days people seem so scared of taking anything at all seriously. Even the most beautiful and horrible things in life!

Does the ghost of Oscar Wilde have to write and release ‘The Importance of Being Earnest II’?

17 responses to “Illu Frito- Suspend

  1. I think the context of the joke matters more than the content of the joke, but I think his response was bad. Really bad. And all the comedians backing him sound like idiots. I was in fact going to comment that i though the hair was beautiful, and I’m glad you explained the disembodied hands. They puzzled me. But now i’m mad about the rape joke!

    • Yeah, I mean… there is a differences between making rape jokes (go to the circle in hell where you have to listen to the guy go ‘ahhh’ after EVERY sip of coffee) and then basically inviting one of your audience women to go get herself gang-raped if she doesn’t like your humor (go to the circle in hell where devils are shoving really hot Hot Pockets up your @(#%&@)
      Guilty as charged, I’ve laughed at rape jokes, abortion jokes, racial jokes–any number of distasteful or just plain offensive jokes. Incidences like this though make me reflect….
      Oh yeah and the comedians backing him all made the most asinine comments. I did like one comedian’s riposte though: She asked him if he was going to start a lynching schtick too… or was that just a little TOO dangerous? :D)

      • I’m glad she tweeted about it, although I think more people might now go to his show. Thats the only problem.

      • It’s actually exploded into quite a thing. He apparently tweeted an apology (mock apology really, as he said ‘I would like to apologize to that woman’ but then… uh… that’s all he said :D the actual ‘I’m sorry’ never came…) So anyway, he tweeted an apology and then apparently his writers had 24 hrs to take out all refs to rape in the pilot of his new show about to air…. which was really hard, because supposedly most of the jokes were about…. rape.

  2. Beautiful face and hair, wow! Stunning line work. And holy cow, it’s only been ages since you posted to IF! As for the rest, Daniel Tosh was funnier when he made more fun of himself and slightly less fun of others. Sure, nothing is sacred and all that, but if you rely on that stuff as much as he does it’s just mean -spirited and not funny. Rape jokes – not so funny. It hasn’t happened to me, but 1 in 5 women or more will experience that horror in their lifetime. So much more can be said on the subject. I don’t offend easily, but Daniel Tosh is just an ass.

    • Glad you like the drawing <3
      I like Danny T's work, but yeah, there are many points where I think–no, that crossed the line. Obviously, that is the point of his humor, to cross the line and make you uncomfortable, but what he said to that woman was just way too much, joke or no joke.
      He reminds me perfectly of the cute guy back in high school who was always saying offensive shit, and you felt like a jackass laughing with him, but you found yourself doing it anyway. The guy who had the rich parents and sleek car and bullied the teachers with his smartass comments and knew he could get away with everything.
      I wonder if you can spew so much misogynistic bullshit on stage and still be a decent person in 'real' life, but I find it hard to believe….

  3. Before I read the text I too was going to comment “My God I love the hair.” But I couldn’t reach the key board because I was flat out on my “ass”.
    Never heard of Danny Tosh so Googled him. He’s described as a comedian who “pushes the envelope” so there’s a clue! Taking anything out of context can be manipulated to suit, and who knows what the woman’s motive was. I too find myself laughing at things that others may find offensive and roll my eyes at political correctness gone mad. But if Tosh can get an audience laughing along to rape he must be one helluva comedian.

    • Really Ziggy? It knocked you on your ass, just a little bit?? Then I am so flattered!!
      On DT: He can be funny, but yes, he is very offensive. If you do not know what you are getting into (and this woman said she basically ended up seeing his show by mistake)–you will hear a lot of jokes about abortion, rape and how awesome it is to be a rich white guy. Of course, it is supposed to be ironic–but I suppose that’s the envelope-pushing part, that it is so close to the truth.

      From what I could read of the woman’s post, I don’t think she had any ulterior motives–I think she was just honestly floored by the cyanide humor. And comedians are fuckin’ MEAN–so how scary must it have been to have Danny Tosh’s lazer beaming right at her for those few minutes!
      Anyway, thanks a lot for your comment and I’m glad you liked the drawing <3

  4. I love all your drawings, but truly, the hair on this one is gorgeous.

  5. beautiful drawing.

    As far as comedians go, everything is fair game and everything is funny. If you don’t like it, don’t laugh.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      And for comedians, that is true. I laugh–. I laugh, and I figure, if I don’t like it, I don’t have to watch it. But… you… don’t think it’s wrong that I laugh??

      (I ask this question as the person who is the LEAST QUALIFIED to throw any stone, because I have laughed at probably every distasteful, horrible, morbid and disgusting joke ever written…) but… I SHOULDN’T laugh, right?

      Genocide. Rape. Child molestation. These are things that kill people’s souls. Once people have encountered them, they most likely can never be whole again… and part of me feels so guilty for compartmentalizing and saying, ‘well, this is just a JOKE, so it’s okay to laugh’… because another part of me says,well imagine if say… a Holocaust survivor who had seen their family murdered heard a COMEDIAN make a light hearted 10 minute riff about how fucking funny the Holocaust was… can you even begin to imagine what that would feel like to them?

      And when I think of it that way, I think… no. There are some things… that maybe should never be made into jokes. [Whether I am strong enough to never joke about them is another matter entirely, but I should at least feel HORRIBLE when I do...] or am I wrong?

  6. Now this one definitely looks like a female. Great sketch. Hair is awesome!
    On other things i think the comedian (though I have never heard of him) is a wanker! :)

  7. A stunner of a drawing. Her hair is perfect, Moofie.

  8. That one was hot!

  9. Hello. You’ve been award an award. I’m not sure what award but i was awarded now i’m passing it on.

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