There Were Girls Without Clothes and I Drew Them

My weekend looked like this.

I’m too tired to come up with a more euphemistic title for this post.

Dear moofs, what’s good?

Me, well I’m so tired, I literally spent all weekend drawing hot, naked babes. ALL WEEKEND.

W and I took workshop with bondage cuties totally normal models with an artist friend of his who is also a teacher–I drew so much that my hand hurts–I had about 30 cups of coffee over the two days and my nose is now permanently filled with that weird sicksweet sweaty smell ateliers seem to always possess. All in all, it was a productive, fun weekend with W, Stefan H. and the gang–


Yay, more girls… I dedicate this picture to Michael B., my WP figure drawing friend.


If I was king, this guy would have been required to be one of our models too.


RIP II – Hair practice– [I drew this out of sheer happiness because I finally got the balls up to contact one of my art heroes who I've been admiring from afar for months and he's been such a nice guy =)

All right moofs, nothing more to see here. Thanks for dropping into my lair and have a great week ^^

5 responses to “There Were Girls Without Clothes and I Drew Them

  1. aw right moof! its good that w. is taking you with him on figure drawing adventures.

  2. Great drawings. Hot naked bodies? Lucky you :)

    • Yah, I did feel lucky–we had two models and both of them were quite attractive :D Not that a model has to be attractive blah blah blah disclaimer, but you know.

  3. Your work is really amazing. Have you thought of putting it up on deviant art? More exposure hopefully. Great work.

    • Oh wow, thank you for such a nice comment! Made my day <3
      I think I actually have an inactive deviantart account that I made to stalk one of my heroes ~_~
      I have toyed with the idea of posting stuff there, but I already have so many of these type of networking
      websites (tumblr/flickr/WP), I feel like I'm networked up the wazoo… Agree with you though, it might be a good place to connect to people.
      Thanks again for such a sweet comment!

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