There Is a Teeny Tiny Gustav Klimt….

…living inside all of us. Me, you. Yep, even that guy. He’s got a little Klimt screaming inside and today, I let mine out.

This is officially the worst photograph of all time.

I wish I could show you guys the real picture. The guy’s hair is gold (!) plated. Okay, okay, it’s ‘brass’ (hah, every time I say ‘gold’, W says ‘brass’)… but anyway, I was at W’s finishing this pic and he had a pot of brass paint and I thought why the hell not? The picture needed something. I’m starting to get better at figuring out when a pic is done or not so I made the guy’s hair gold and voila dangereux fromage, it was so pretty, I could’ve wept like a little infant.

I think this is honestly one of the first times when I thought… I made something. Not just f’art… but something that maybe… could be… the embryonic, diaphanous breath… of an art-ish like thing! Maybe.

In other news, many peoples around me having a tough time. :< For them, what can I do but send a big, brass plated hug and wish that their luck turns to hell yeah very soon. And we, we are plugging along, J, Nazghul, Doktor Fail and a very tiny Gustav Klimt, running around the apartment, yelling yippeee! I’ll try not to step on him on the way to bed, zzzzz.

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2 responses to “There Is a Teeny Tiny Gustav Klimt….

  1. Beautiful, Moofie!
    So much emotion.

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