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Yeah my girlfriend takes collect calls from the road
And it doesn’t seem to matter that I’m lacking in the bulge
She laughs at my dumb jokes when no one does
She brings me Mexican food from sombrero just because
Blink 182 – Josie

Is it possible to use gold leaf and not feel like a Klimt rip-off? I don't think so ~__~

Is it possible to use gold leaf and not feel like a Klimt rip-off? I don’t think so ~__~ [Girl Listening To Music]

All right, so I’m not gonna be presumptuous enough to call this person my girlfriend o_o but a good friend definitely–and generally when I think of her, I think of that Blink 182 song. She does NOT have a gold afro (or any kind of afro actually) but that was the feeling when I drew this pic, and this is also not what she looks like, not entirely, not really, but actually yes–I’ve drawn a few pictures of her now, but maybe this is the one I like the best…

She’s an art model, a librarian, a book seller, a space cowboy–we bonded over a mutual appreciation of insanely sad books and apocalyptically beautiful men people. During my one month back home, I had the chance to visit her and she was a real prince… Dancing, food, drinking, you tube– We chat online still; I tell her about some baby my kid chomped at daycare and she tells me about the stinky people on the bus. It’s kind of incredible…. when I think about it, how many great people I’ve met this last year through the internet and she’s, well… I’ll cut myself off before I start getting all earnest and gushy.

Everyone together now, Josie!!

And when I feel like giving up like my world is falling do-o-oooown
I show up at three a.m and. she’s still up watching vacation
And I see her pretty fa-a-ace it takes me away to a better place

And I know that everything, know that everything, know that everything,
Everything’s gonna be fine….

I know when I talk to you, C, that everything’s gonna be fine.


Three Cool Things

1. This lovely magazine interviewed meeeeeeee.

2. I drew a gross/sweet tentacle picture. (C’mon, you missed them. Admit that you did.)


Boy Listening to Music – Zach

3. Someone contacted me to make some pictures for them! Sexy pictures. O_O That means I am one step closer to realizing my dream life (in case you forgot, that is getting paid a million dollars to sit on a beach, get high and draw hentai.) And you know what they say, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

Hope you’re all well, moofs <3

The Amputated Nurse

I don’t draw sorrow; nothing deep and nothing dark–that’s not the purpose of drawing for me, but sometimes something very sad will come knocking on the door of ma tower and then I’ll have to make just the slightest break from tails and birds. If you’ve been coming to my Couch for a while you will probably recall my very good friend W from previous entries–fellow artist, weirdo,  awkward person, Peter Pan. Him and I have clocked too many hours drinking coffee and drawing to Amy Winehouse.

the nurse1Marlene Dumas and Vincent Van Gogh are my ultimate art spirit animals and I asked them to come help me a tiny bit to make a drawing for my good friend W. If he sees this, he will know why I put this up now.

It’s a tribute to one of my absolute favorite drawings from him, called ‘The Amputated Nurse and the Crying Patient’. W, thanks for all your support and friendship and and….

;__;  ::big hug::
See you on Tuesday, k?

You can check out Wilco’s art here.

There Is a Teeny Tiny Gustav Klimt….

…living inside all of us. Me, you. Yep, even that guy. He’s got a little Klimt screaming inside and today, I let mine out.

This is officially the worst photograph of all time.

I wish I could show you guys the real picture. The guy’s hair is gold (!) plated. Okay, okay, it’s ‘brass’ (hah, every time I say ‘gold’, W says ‘brass’)… but anyway, I was at W’s finishing this pic and he had a pot of brass paint and I thought why the hell not? The picture needed something. I’m starting to get better at figuring out when a pic is done or not so I made the guy’s hair gold and voila dangereux fromage, it was so pretty, I could’ve wept like a little infant.

I think this is honestly one of the first times when I thought… I made something. Not just f’art… but something that maybe… could be… the embryonic, diaphanous breath… of an art-ish like thing! Maybe.

In other news, many peoples around me having a tough time. :< For them, what can I do but send a big, brass plated hug and wish that their luck turns to hell yeah very soon. And we, we are plugging along, J, Nazghul, Doktor Fail and a very tiny Gustav Klimt, running around the apartment, yelling yippeee! I’ll try not to step on him on the way to bed, zzzzz.

There Were Girls Without Clothes and I Drew Them

My weekend looked like this.

I’m too tired to come up with a more euphemistic title for this post.

Dear moofs, what’s good?

Me, well I’m so tired, I literally spent all weekend drawing hot, naked babes. ALL WEEKEND.

W and I took workshop with bondage cuties totally normal models with an artist friend of his who is also a teacher–I drew so much that my hand hurts–I had about 30 cups of coffee over the two days and my nose is now permanently filled with that weird sicksweet sweaty smell ateliers seem to always possess. All in all, it was a productive, fun weekend with W, Stefan H. and the gang–


Yay, more girls… I dedicate this picture to Michael B., my WP figure drawing friend.


If I was king, this guy would have been required to be one of our models too.


RIP II – Hair practice– [I drew this out of sheer happiness because I finally got the balls up to contact one of my art heroes who I've been admiring from afar for months and he's been such a nice guy =)

All right moofs, nothing more to see here. Thanks for dropping into my lair and have a great week ^^

The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul…

…is over.

Yeehaw, it’s spring.

Dear Alexandre S, I draw pretty picture of you, we get married now, k? Haha, silly Moof, you’re not a Mormon!

So, I’m done being a whiny little bitch–thank god, I was starting to annoy the frig out of myself. Back to drawing. This was an experiment in pastels and charcoal, two mediums I’ve always been a little scared of, because they’re pretty messy and unforgiving and I’ve got youngish person’s palsy. But I think Mr. Szymtko turned out pretty okay… I’d marry him. If I wasn’t already in a lifelong union. And if he couldn’t do better than me. ::sigh:: Universe, why you put all these obstacles in the way of my love?!

In other mews: It’s The Worst Idea Ever, but I did it anyway, checked out one of those stupid parenting websites on what my kid should be doing now that he’s passed twelve months. And here it is!

Starting to walk: Nope.
Starting to talk: Haha. Nope.
Starting to feed himself with a spoon: 0_0 Are these people nuts?? Why don’t I just put a friggin’ chainsaw in his hand and be done with it?
Getting really freaked out when we leave him, because he loves us and knows by now that he’s dependent on us: Ahaha, I have yet to witness (–) care that we leave–I think when he sees us leaving, he secretly hopes that these clowns are not his parents and that once we go, the king and queen will finally step out of the shadows and restore him to his rightful place as Crown Prince…

So what, he’s not doing a lot of things on that list, does that mean my beautiful little (–) is …slow, or something? Mais non, mon ami! Behold the skillz they seemed to have overlooked for their little compilation…

Gourmet: I think my kid might be the world’s youngest foodie. He just turned one year, but he eats Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian… I believe he senses that if he doesn’t love these foods, I will throw him in the river and start over. Ha. Ha. If anyone from Child Services is reading this, that’s a JOKE. Please don’t come knock on my door and try to take my kid away from me.

Parkour (for the uninitiated, it’s the French martial art of running away and (–) has a brown belt in it).

Sleeper: One year old and he’s sleeping through the night. Praise the Lord!

Flirter: Equal opportunity flirter. Man, woman, young, old. Does not matter to (–). I think if you can make a crusty German cop smile and get all goofy, that shows some serious skill. He does this thing where he looks at the person from the side, then drops his head and smiles up at them with just the right mixture of coy and shy… Makes them melt and I roll my eyes thinking, oh please. He’s NEVER smiled at me like that–probably because he knows I’m up to his bag of tricks. ‘Mark my words’ a good friend of ours exclaimed, while at our favorite Mexican watering hole (Joe Penis). ‘When he’s older, that kid’s going to get so much @#(%@#, you’re going to weep.’

(–) waved his quesadilla and nenned his ascent.


Is Lincoln to Blame?

Da-yum, when is someone going to pay me 1,000,000 bucks to sit on the beach, get high and draw hentai? …..Not yet?

I wish I could blame this picture on an early morning visit from Lincoln, but no, this time, I’ll take full responsibility! For every tail! For all cat ears!!


Boys with Tails II

A friend asked for a picture. I was skeptical…

“I don’t do ‘finished’ stuff, you know this right?”

He said not finished was fine.

If possible, the drawing was to contain the following elements:
-another boy of equal or greater physical attractiveness
-them engaged in some way … (hopefully, an erotic way, not an I’m pouring you a glass of lemonade way)

I was like… ‘Hmm. Doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever done before, but I’ll give it a whirl :D”

Tails! Cat ears! Ruffled underpants! Tentacles… I threw those in gratis.

I drew another nice pic this weekend but alas, as nice as it is, it is not appropriate for WP ><

In other mews: We were in Berlin to visit the new addition to the family. I guess ::grumbles:: she was kind of cute. Not sure if she’s a Nazgul though, time will have to tell. Like with our baby, maybe we’ll start hearing of bodies lying in the streets of Berlin like empty husks… Ahh, we’ll whisper then knowingly. Another little Nazgul after all.

In other other mews: Starting some new anime series as soon as I’m done with this post. And I’m going to try to draw…. curly hair. 0_0. I don’t do curly hair, it scares me (to draw, that is, it’s fine on someone’s head) but a certain picture requires it…. Anyway, I’m rambling.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter ^^

A Nazgul Is Born

She might be a Nazgul. She might also just be a normal baby. To check, J and (–) and me are off to Berlin for the weekend. Oh, and here is a random picture for you in the meantime. Whoo, why not? Pretty pastel blue, for Easter.

This is Stav S., he is a beautiful Russian boy with very sad eyes. Bird skull in hair inspired by this lady's beautiful photography ^^

So I will be spending my weekend oohing and aaahing over a baby that may or may not have a conehead. (I hope she doesn’t. Paintblotch has basically taught me to distrust coneheaded peoples and I do have a pretty bad prejudice about them now.) Mingling with the inlaws. Keep me in your thoughts.

Sadly, (–) is too little yet to do anything kind of fun like egg dyeing or Easter egg finding, though he did get some nice Easter presents from my mom including (another!) talking animal.

Talking toys rant: You know, I have a love and hate relationship with those creepy talking toys. The kids love them, and they probably do help teach kids some vocab blah blah blah, but… they are so damn creepy. The newest addition to our talking toy menagerie is a dog. All its parts are labeled, and once you turn it on, the kid is encouraged to touch different parts of the dog’s body by this high-pitched sexless voice. [You see exactly where this is going??]

My kid likes this toy a lot, and I’ll be at my computer while he’s on the ground. I can hear the toy:

-Red heart!
-Touch my red heart!
-Touch my ear! Touch my foot!
-I love you!
-You’re my best friend!
-Don’t tell anyone…
-This is our secret!
-Touch my…

Me turning around. Wtf? My kid is smiling. Dog is staring at me with it’s creepy painted on smile, like ‘What? What did I say? I’m just teaching your kid the different parts of the body. Heh heh.’

God, I need to get more sleep.

Happy Easter, moofs. ^^

The Secret Life of Translators II

'One step too late and I never told you...
That I can't take another disappointment...."
Boys <3

[PS: In my next show, I want this. -see picture above-]

I realize I have not written anything on my poor blog for more than a good week now.

Where are you?! A few people have asked. I guess they figure something must be horribly wrong if I don’t have anything to say : D But I don’t, sadly. I want to write you moofs a blog entry full of sex and violence, but my life right now is so fucking boring >< And I am a little down…

One thing to be up about though is that this season for shows is done and I get two new shows. A fresh start! New beginnings! Regeneration! Spring is here!

What shows am I babbling about? Anime, that is to say, Japanese animated shows–we’ve been translating two of them and both have certainly been contributors to my down spirit…

Oh I don’t know… The first show had a wonderful style and characterizations and a really hot main character, just his name was so nice and long, I liked to type it in my Notepad file… ‘Miketsukami’…. prettyyyyy. Miketsukami was a blond, dog-spirited youth with… many tails. 0_0 (You know my tails thing by now, dear reader, surely?!)

So! This show had a pretty guy with a pretty name and and pretty bushy dog tails and interesting side characters and good style in general. But Nothing Ever Happened. Literally. The main plot of the show could have been resolved in about two episodes–the rest of the time, I was translating a 30 minute episode in which the main conflict (no joke) was how does the main female character ask the main male character out to drink a coffee with her?

I waited desperately for scenes in which the male character is at least semi nude, but they added up to about 20 seconds in an entire series >___< Not much to keep me hanging on, let me tell you.

But the other show was even worse. This show began in my mind as ‘Zero’ and later devolved into ‘Louise the Whore’, but not because nothing was happening. Oh no, something happening every other second. Magic! Dragons! Airships! Elves! Hot Young Pope! Hot Young Pope Gets Eaten By Dragon! (Yep. You read that right… ) Boobies! Boobies! Boobies! Ahh, the boobies should have been the tipoff that ‘Zero’ was a member of that fine genre of anime I absolutely detest. I don’t know what the genre is actually called (It is a common trope, so I’m sure it has a formal name) but I myself call it ‘Too many boobs on the dance floor.”

The gist of the genre is this: You have a young guy. He is usually pretty ordinary, but also pretty decent and for whatever reason, has fallen into an extraordinary world (or somehow into a situation outside of his normal circumstance at least) where he is surrounded by beautiful women. They all have ridiculously large, Demi MooreStriptease-era bazooms that bounce like wet balloons at a child’s party. (Side-note: Often, the main female character will have smaller breasts, and this will make for her complex for the entire show.)

This hapless, but ultimately well-meaning young man is thrown into this new environment complete with Sea of Boobs and while he is defeating the Evil or whatever the Fuck, he is always running into these boobs, or tripping and falling on top of one of the girls, getting his face deliciously mashed into her Boobmeat etc. etc. (Did I mention our clueless hero is totally accident prone?) The girls then beat the shit out of him and call him a pervert, but they are in fact all hopelessly in love with him and are all trying to devise a way to confess their feelings (but by the end of the show, he will get together with the small breasted heroine who has won his heart with her fucking annoying high pitched voice.)

This is the genre “Too Many Boobs on the Dance Floor” and if I were King, I would have it banned. It was invented by an evil Cabal of ordinary Japanese men who wish they could trip through their life, knocking their ordinary but well meaning selves into boobs and  having a coven of babes fight over them while they finally pass their high-school exams or defeat the evil dragon (whatever the tedious noise in the background passing as ‘story’ happens to be.)

Boys, take it from me: Never Going to Fucking Happen.

The part where the Pope got eaten was definitely worth a rewind though….



Kawabata wrote a story about a house where men could go and sleep next to beautiful drugged women to get their jollies….This drawing reminds me of that story a bit. It’s a short post, moofs. No pra pra. Just a quick ink sketch pic for a WP friend who’s very talented at drawing the b00bX0rs. He said a few posts back:

How about two women together?

For you MB, not two girlies but three ~_~