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The Pink Revolution

Feeling a little down and stressed out. ><

The only thing you can do then is draw… Some pictures for the moofies…

The Pink Revolution - messing around with ink and colored pencil. Just draw what comes to mind....

Girl listening to music. -- Inspired by a picture in Vogue.

Still got my pot of ‘negro estupendo’. Have a limited range of colored pencils.
I am trying to keep colors very minimal to avoid screw ups… skin is very tricky though. It is not pink… there are shades of blue, gray… etc. etc. But it’s hard to get it… sharpening pencils constantly and trying to shade very very light with many layers… might be getting somewhere…. I feel like I am finally starting to understand where light and shadow rest in the contours of the human face… (or humanoid face ahaha, as I enjoy distorting faces quite a bit…. it’s that taste for anime…. may it never die.)

I love gray and pink together.  Brains are pink and gray together.

I need zzzzz. Hope you’re all well.