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Sank yuu!

It was not easy, the day you were born. A moleskine sketch I'm not sure about...

You know, I’ve read so many books over the course of my life, it’s sick– I’ve written so much about books, in emails, in letters, in diaries, here on this blog, it’s insane. When it’s come to dropping letters, I’ve really let it rain, so how unbelievable it is one day to  read something someone had written about a book I’ve written:

….and so this is a story powered by yearning. Though the book describes itself as a genderqueer tale, it shares with yaoi (boy love manga) a searing energy of unrequited love, a passion that unfulfilled is more gripping to readers than the actual coupling of characters could ever be.

….This is a story slick, professional comic art would ruin. Merey’s art, if more amateur, better parallels the life experiments of the high school characters in its grips….

(bold added by me) … It’s like… M-M-Merey’s…. art?  I have ART?!?

You can read the full review here if you’re interested and thank you to Cathy Camper for a nice, thoughtful review!

And now, moving forward. Being in Berlin and talking to Joseph really reconfirmed that I have to stop drinking, frequenting brothels, retire my crack pipe and get my life together… No, what am I saying, I’ve got to stop being a big, quavering pussy and finish my second (I guess technically my third, whatever) book and then find the courage to show it to someone. But I’m afraid.

It’s not that I think it’s badly written… but I just hate imposing on the reader and I feel like this may be one of those books. That impose. I think I might be stretching a reader’s patience too far with it–on the other hand, I feel the story can’t be told any other way.

Oh well, I’ll get it done first–focus of my night, to get back on that.
Hope you’re well, moofies!

My Book ^-^

Or, the other (–)


I’m not good at self-promotion.
I’m shy.
When I write something, I like to leave it on your doorstep, like a cat that killed a mouse for you, then hides in the bushes. From the bushes, I watch if you are eating my present.

I wonder: Is there a point of writing and drawing if you’re scared of sharing? This blog has been a step in combating the fear… (the little mind-killer).

So without further ado and a touch of shyness, I tell you, my little CYMK transparency blend spaces:

My blood and sweat is out.
The lastest printing issue has finally been resolved and my baby, my graphic novel is ready.

a + e = a graphic novel by ME. It's a story about friendship and art and techno music ^-^

Random page somewhere inside 214 pages of ink and brush goodtimes....

I am giving away one (1!) free hard-copy to one intrepid reader. If you’re interested, please click here!!! (Goodreads by the way is, as much as I hate these network thangs, a pretty n33t place to meet readers and even many authors of your favorite books =) I highly recommend it, if you are looking for yet another tool for procrastination and Facebook just doesn’t cut it anymore…)

To anyone else: Thanks so much for all your support and interest, moofies. Your love and comments over the months =) Thanks to the lovely gays and the bis and the lesbians and the transsexuals for their interest and support–kisses!!!!!! <3 And to my publisher. ^-^

I’ll have you know that as much as I worried that the red pen would be slashing through to clean up my dirty mouth and my act and my lines and my everything, NOT ONE WORD (ok, that’s a lie, I was asked to change one word in my manuscript; 1000 points redeemable for a latte mochichino spoon set if you can guess which word it was…), so anyway, beyond that one word,  this a + e  is completely as I intended it, unadulterated. Some scenes were hard to write; harder to draw, not because it’s about me, or anybody I know; it is nonetheless highly personal,  like a bloody piece of my brain that got smooshed onto the paper….

I won’t talk about it here; I hope you will read it and make up your own mind–

(Paintblotch and W- get free copies because. <3 )

If you do not live in the United States and you would like to read it, it should be released on German/UK Amazon soon. I will post when =) (And while it is available on Kindle, the hard copy is so much nicer…(kind of phone-booky) and so much better to see every jagged tooth in there… I drew a lot of jagged teeth.

Looks like I won’t die unpublished like Oscar Wao in an unnamed Dominican cane field after all =p

I got a couple very nice reviews, though I won’t post the links here, because they have spoilers. However, here’s an excerpt from a very detailed review from the sweet people at Prism Comics:

“The book itself has the vague resemblance of a slam book. All of the fonts chosen for this GN can be easily mistaken for handwriting, the artwork too is largely left unrefined (black and white with a hint of gray); this all reinforces the high school setting that the book has at the start. Unrefined, however, is an oversimplification. The art relies much less on the details and more on impressionism. The nuances of the story are imprinted by the dialogue and art equally, yet neither can function without the other. Some panels are comical while others are more visually distinct so it’s very interesting what is exaggerated in the story and what isn’t exaggerated. Things of the mundane like eating are portrayed with a humorous and slightly surreal touch with people devouring their food ravenously with pointy, razor sharp teeth. Some images have bolder lines for emphasis while others have finer ones. It’s something that any inker can appreciate for the fact that it’s very outside-of-the-box.”