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I have a dream. I want to learn how to draw the most beautiful hair and lips and noses and spit in the world.    Identical Triplets (moleskine)

Drawing is like philosophy is like life–always the same questions coming up. Always can’t answer them. What is the good life? What is the good art? How do we weed out the good from the poop and how do we know when we ourselves have started producing poop?

Does more precise drawing have to be more boring than free, expressionist drawing? When we work for precision, is it at the expense of freedom and creativity? I mean, Durer had precision. He painted portraits–he painted recognizable things. Yet nobody would call him an illustrator. Yes, but that was a long time ago! Back then, it was okay to paint only portraits! It’s not anymore, we are so fucking over portraits and landscapes.

I’d like to argue this idea. Don’t we as human beings possess only a limited amount of topics to express and be fascinated by? Our toys have changed, but these handful of themes have not.  War, beauty, death, birth, religion, love, loss, nature. Change.

Why do you draw? Out there person, reading this? Why?

Me? I don’t know.

Though I thought about it today. I had talked to W and afterwards, I had to think about why. Why do I draw at all and the conclusion I arrived at is that when I see something beautiful, when it is really very beautiful, seeing it gives me an intense joy, but also ache, because I know somewhere that this beauty will wilt, fade, get picked, get used, get trampled on. Yes, there are always new beautiful humans, plants and animals getting born every hour every minute, but this that I am looking at in the moment, this very one, will not be. He, she, it will suffer.

Tolstoy said it was a human folly to equate beauty with virtue, and I will atribute no virtue to the motivations of an animal, a plant, or the mind working behind a beautiful human face. But that beauty, in and of itself, has a virtue to me. Then for a moment without any religion in my life I can be assured that there is something good and pure in the universe and I feel an insane, irrational urge to protect it.

It’s as if maybe, if I try very very hard, I can put this on a paper and there it will be kept safe.

Today, we were talking about this with W and he wryly commented that I talked about improving my drawing skills like building a table. You want to make a nice table, he said. Ah, I thought later though, but is there anything wrong with a well-built table? It can hold something. You can crawl under it when the roof is caving in. Must good art be a badly built table?

Oh, I don’t know. And then I start to see that human lips and wounds have the same exact identical shades of pink and red and white and wet.

Illu Frito – Intention

The Road to Hell (or Good Intention.)

I haven’t posted an Illu Friday illustration in a while now… I dunno, the last few prompts didn’t tickle me timbers and then the one prompt that would’ve tickled me I missed… :  ( But I was having a rare drawing session with Paintblotch today– old times with coffee and crazy ass music and she said “why don’t we draw the Illustration Friday prompt?” So, this is what I came up with, kind of a creepy little drawing, but I’ve been doing creepy and crawly lately… not quite sure why. : /

In the meantime, Bavarian life as we know it is changing forever… because German president Wulff has resigned after evidence of light corruption? Oh, who gives a screw :P I’m talking about Muller, my favorite bakery, getting embroiled in a sanitary scandal!! The McDonald’s of bakeries and part of my morning routine for the last five years now, I really hope they don’t go under, rat poop be damned… I’m drinking cold coffee from one of their papers cups right now. ‘frisch wie muller’ (fresh like muller’, it says. The windmill logo windmills at me in a friendly way. I prefer this bakery much more over its competitor ‘Wimmer’, if for no other reason than Wimmer’s slogan always struck me as slightly challenging “Wimmer. Your baker forever” (because we killed all your other bakers bhahaha) is what I always read into that slogan….

Forward – Illu Frito

Moving Forward: W, Coffee, Dexter

[If you've ever been depressed, perhaps you've felt guilty about it. Perhaps it had seemed like a spectacular, even luxurious waste of time, or unwarranted, living in a safe European country or the US. Perhaps when it was over, you worried about when it would come again. Maybe you alienated some of your friends and family who could not understand why you couldn't be your normal self during this period.

A friend and I have been talking about depression lately and the urge to die. Sadly, it was talking about suicide that was one of the major catalysts for my other very good friend and I breaking contact with each other. This isn't a downer post, you'll see if you read on. But this picture is about moving forward, no matter what is behind and no matter what's ahead. If my new friend reads this, she'll know she's in my thoughts.]

And now, dear moofs. Please clear your minds.


I have gas.

Wait… where are you all going?

It’s not my fault! It’s this soup I had for dinner… delicious ramen…. but it gave me infernal gas. All right. Gas discussed. Moving on.

I’m on tumblr now. Yep, mainly to stalk the girl who runs the androgyny blog :D. (Yes, I’m giving her her space and keeping a respectful distance, despite my urge to stalk harder, don’t worry.) Anyway, I’m sure you’re all DYING to know what my name is, be honest, you want to waste more time with me, but I won’t give you my address, ’cause that’s where I harvest and post all my sick prOn ^-^b. No worries though. We can still meet here on the Couch for coffee and good times and even pretty boys.

Speaking of pretty boys. Tumblr man. It’s kind of a weird parallel universe. It’s like this pit… of screams. Happy screams and sad screams and perverted screams and very young screams. Tumblr makes me feel old. I guess it’s because its kids who have the time to go on porn and pic trawls (well, kids and people who work from home… yay, that’s me.) So many times, I look at a picture and I’m like… fuck, I should NOT be attracted to this guy! He was born in the 90s!!!!

What’s fucked up is that some people born in the 90s are legal now :D

Moof, get it together! You’re going to make your guests think J’s not cutting it in bed. No, no, TMI, this next line is, but I always told J that if there was a sex Olympics, Japan would be getting a 10 from Hungary >:D… I guess I’m just… greedy?

Anyway, back to tumblr. It’s sad yes. Often, it makes me sad. I go on these kids’ blogs if they follow me and they’ve got carved up arms and ribs sticking out like xylophones. The mother cat side of me just wants to tuck them all under my wing and be like… it’s going to be okay. You’re not fat. You’re not ugly. It’s going to be okay.

Those are most of my followers. And then…. some of the guys I draw …  0_0. I’m like. Jesus on a bun. XXXX has responded to say he likes the picture I drew of him. I guess I have to be extra careful now, my anonymity as a drawer of androgynous men and beautiful boys is in danger…

One person who doesn’t respond is Nagel. : ( He follows silently, but says nothing. Oh well, it’s probably better that way. Hint: Another person born in the 90s.)

Prepare – Illu Frito

Prepare. [Based on the body of Dima Sedgewick, a boy who makes me consider the faint possibility of intelligent design :P

Here’s my submission for this week’s topic. I sat down and thought about the word ‘prepare’ and came up with… well, I don’t know, but this person looks pretty damn prepared. For an alien abduction, perhaps. Not really my normal style of drawing, but this is where the sketch gods took me.

In other news, I am going to get off my lazy, procrastinating ass tomorrow and …. work on my book. Yup. The poor book that just won’t die. Every time I get too tired of it, someone comes out of the shadows and breathes life into my project–this time, a friend whose name I’ll keep concealed here on the internets (but hello to his girlfriend who I know pops in sometimes!! <3) anyway, let’s just call him…. mmm… what should I call him. Mmmm. He will be Mmm for the purposes of my couch and Mmm has decided that the people! Must! Read! My! Book! Mmm believes in me (the fool! :D) or at least in my writing and as Paintblotch has done a lovely job laying it out, I will spend this weekend adding some corrections and seeing if we may not reanimate the whole damn thing and perhaps have it publishing ready spring-ish.

If for nothing else, I have to get this fucking book published just to not have wasted the time of all the lovely people who have helped me so much over the last years. : / For youuuuuu! I will put a moratorium on my pretty boy drawing and get this done, once and for all. Thanks guys <3 And goodnight.

Highlight – Illustration Frito

This is a gift. It comes with a price.

Did anyone else have a halibutofa time illustrating this week’s topic? Anyway, I don’t know if this is an illustration of ‘highlight’ per se, but it is a picture I drew while keeping the highlights prompt in mind. Sadly, it looks awesome in real life and so so once I fed it through the cam and put it on here. I swear, half the hassle of Illu F is not even drawing the damn thing, but making it not look like a total dog turd on the screen! Ok, I’ll stop bitching now, it’s like, well if you KNOW it looks like poo if you don’t scan it, why don’t you draw your prompt on a piece of easily scannable A3 paper, you numb nut?!

<———- ::sighs::
::is a numb nut::

And then again, sadly because of the quality, you can’t see that spectacularly the eight or so blues used in this picture. For this Christmas, I was gifted with color! Yup, 120 (!) Farbel Castell pencils (thanks JUNO!!!! <3) so much crazy colors and I will do my best to branch out and use them all! This was a venture into the blues, drawn to this amazing song. I just recently became acquainted with ‘Florence and the Machine’ and this ‘rabbit heart’ blows my mind, I could listen to it over and over and over… (oh wait, that’s what I just did :D)

All right, take care sweetos, don’t stay up so late like Uncle Moof, it will fuck you up. Take it from an expert.


Star music - Don't shoot the messenger.

I started this blog basically a year ago. The point was to have a place to put up drawings and writings that I haven’t OCD-ed to death and edited the frig out of.

Ie., sometimes they sucked. Make that probably a lot of times.

Pictures really are like one night stands. At three in the morning, it is such a fucking great idea! Go go go! Come come come! If you’re lucky, even the next morning, it is still not awful. You can look your pic in the face and smile sheepishly. Not quite the fireworks of three in the morning, but no shame either. A week later, you run into your picture by the coffee machine and avert your eyes thinking: Sheez. Your boobs look like rotten pears. Should NOT have tossed my hotdog down that hallway.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. (But maybe other people dislike their pictures too once they’re done with them?) At any rate, hating your picture the next day is, I think, part of the growth process. Documenting the suck-suck is also a part of the growth process. Hence the blog!

“I try to be a truthful artist and I try to show a level of courage. I enjoy that. I’m a messenger.” ~ Jeff Koons

Is the Illu Friday quote for the week. It fits, I think. And here, at the end of the year are a few people I’d like to thank for their stone cold awesomeness and for lending me some courage:

Painblotch is basically the reason I’m doing anything artistic right now. No. Really. Before I knew her, I was drawing stick-figures in a puddle of my own misery, naked, shivering, snorting peanut butter. Paintblotch straightened me out. This girl has such a gentle,  eerie way with images, backed up with enviable technique and a frightening command of all sorts of mysterious mediums. Graphite, ink, oil, digital–they are her bitch. She has introduced me to soooo much it’s dizzying, and is also the reason I started this blog! Check hers out here =) [Ooh, and we've started our parka session, where I sit for her in nothing but parka and panties, p + p, when I wanted so much for somebody [slavic male someone] to sit for me in nothing but a parka! sob sob, but see, that’s Paintblotch, always putting me that much closer to my dreams! ;p]

W. is a Munich artist I met earlier this year–he features as a regular cast member here on the ‘Couch’. I started out as his grotesquely pregnant gaybo model late last winter; now we are just super friends. W makes art like other people breathe: I think it is a body process for him. His art is where he moves, it’s where he dances. You need to be brave to look at it, it is not always ‘pretty’–but it is always rich, surprising and moving its ass!!  Thanks W for being my spirit brother!

On the writing front: Joseph Danaghie does not post much on his blog–sadly! I wish it included more writings, but if you  live in the Munich area, he’s started an event here I enjoy very much called Anti-Slam. We come together and read/discuss our writing in a friendly environment where nobody is allowed to throw projectiles larger than a goose’s egg. Quiche and thermoses of tea accompany such readings. You can keep an eye on the Slam process here, or bug Joseph personally to post more of his melodious and explosive writing.

And then, artist I do not know personally but love so much: Rod Luff, your art is so beautiful, it makes me fucking ache. I am already in a till-death-cleaves-us-asunder relationship, but were I not, I swear I’d hop on a plane to Sydney tomorrow on Christmas Eve and prowl around your house until you either called the cops or said ‘fine, crazy stalker thingie, you. Fine. Let’s get married.’

To the people above: Thanks for all the inspiration, guidance and friendship you’ve given me in 2011. I love you guys and I wish you all the sugar, power and women your art can bring you.

[First you get the sugar...
then you get the power....
then you get the wiii-men....]

And then thanks reading moofies, for wading through my silly rants, looking at my girly boys and leaving your love. Half of art/writing is the need to drain it out, but the other half is the wish to connect to someone, you guys. ^-^

I wish you a holiday season full of crisp bacon wrapped around things.

Like figs.
And scallops.
And the one you love.

Last but not least, thanks to the Schopenfags who make every day here in Munich full of ridiculousness: Uncle Fail, Protestant extraordinaire; Juno, the light of my life; and (–), the mini light of my life.

Wet kisses and a beautiful Christmas Eve to all of you.

[PS: This post was originally scheduled to be called 'Messenger - My Socialist Pussy', but I heard that if you use 'Pussy' in the title of your Christmas blog-post, baby Jesus won't find your house when he's bringing the presents... 0_o
...Didn't have the guts to see if that's true....]


shizumu - to sink

Normally, I don’t do the whole big head/little body type of drawing, but I was inspired for this post by little (–), who also has a big head, and little body, and almond shaped eyes and quizzical eyebrows and nut brown hair and baby doll lips =D

This is a picture of him as a girl, getting attacked by jellyfish. Of course, that would never happen in real life, because I would massacre the jellyfish like a pterodactyl to protect my DNA.

In other news, there is no news. …Have a good week, moofies ^-^


colored paper, graphite and tiny bit of acrylic (Separation - song: In the Air) Click on picture to activate awesome sprinkles.

A composer knows that music is written by human beings for human beings and that music is a continuation of life, not something separated from it. ~ Hanns Eisler
So, I think this is the nicest drawing I’ve ever done. Of course my luck, it’s on a freakin’ page where I had another, totally random and unrelated drawing of a cute kitten. I started drawing around the cat and then…. And it is cute and vaguely reminding me of (–). I guess I could’ve shopped it out… but its big wet eyes said: Please! Please don’t shop me awaaaayyyy. So he stays. The IF prompt is ‘Separation’, and that is a word that gets my brain going much easier than ‘Brigade’. I had a few hours today after I’d translated Squid Girl and wiped my kid’s bum to throw a drawing down the hatch.
Barn owl inspired by a photo of one of my Flickr friends. I really love barn owls… they have such interesting faces… (Does a bird have a face? Whatever… ). Their faces are kind of humanoid; one part benevolent, and one part eerie. (I think it’s the combination of the mask-like quality of the white heartshape and the pupil-less, ultra-black eyes….) At any rate, there is something very beautiful and disturbing to me about a barn-owl’s face, which is why I wanted to draw one.
And then tomorrow! Wish us luck… We will do battle with an enormous dead turkey and fresh herbs to make Fangsgiving dinner for our peoples.
Fangsgiving Menu at Casa Schopenfag:
Pumpkin soup
Roast turkey
Potatoes with gravy
Salad with pan-seared mushrooms
Stuffing with dried cranberries and sausage
Creamy Yambake (Courtesy of Justin, thank you!! =D)
Delicious pies (Courtesy of Paintblotch, thank you!! <3333)
And there will be one baby Nazgul milling amongst the guests, sinking his five fangs into them. (He now has five (5!) baby teeth out and one more about to come….) Anyway, I hope the neighbors don’t call the cops again on us like they did last year, and I wish you guys all a great weekend =)

V is for Va-ni-ty….

This week it’s ‘Vanity’.

Here’s what I came up with, peoples, in ‘code brown’.

Rough sketches, but this is a distracted week. : /

Inspiration taken from the art-book ‘Neue Menschen’, an amazing photo compilation of beautiful and righteously vain people.  My battle against hands and their tyranny continues …!


I swear this song, some form of it at least, will haunt me until I die. I suppose it’s a testament to my Peter Pan syndrome that the lyrics still compel me when I’m rapidly approaching Foge Land.

when you were here before
couldn’t look you in the eye
you’re just like an angel
your skin makes me cry
you float like a feather
in a beautiful world…

Usually, it’s hard for me to come up with something for the IF prompt. This week, it was very easy. The biggest challenge was transferring the stupid drawing into the computer… my battles with Scannie continue. I plan to use this brown sketchbook for a while now (until it’s filled, actually) and then give it back to my mom, since she likes my thingies and its her sketchbook to begin with (but she claims to never use it.) But I’ve started using it, been filling the pages, killing the white pens, grating the graphite.

In other news, just a few more days now and then I’m a leavin’ this here Oregon. Happiness to go back home and see my peoples; sadness to leave my parents and the evergreens behind. But that’s life, I suppose. Happiness and sadness always together and inseparable.

Baby Nazgul update!
For anyone keeping track of Baby (–)’s progress (we’ve decided he’ll be Baby (–) until he’s two, at which point he’ll be Little (–). Anyway, he’s got… four (4!) teeth now! The bottom two and then two little fangs, ready to staple your fingers should you ever offer them. He cut them somewhere between Texas and Arizona. And he’s eating solid food now! Trying solid food is more like it, but his reactions to the menu so far:

Food: Squash
“Nom, nom, nom! <3″

Food: Carrot
“Kind of like squash. Nom. Nom.”

Food: Banana
“Not quite sure of this, guys. Fuck it. Nom.”

Food: Green Beans
“Please don’t put poop in my mouth any more.”

Okay moofs, I’m off now to go read Craig Thompson’s “Habibi”…. (with tea!!!)
So excited!!!!
Review to follow.