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Illu Frito – Intention

The Road to Hell (or Good Intention.)

I haven’t posted an Illu Friday illustration in a while now… I dunno, the last few prompts didn’t tickle me timbers and then the one prompt that would’ve tickled me I missed… :  ( But I was having a rare drawing session with Paintblotch today– old times with coffee and crazy ass music and she said “why don’t we draw the Illustration Friday prompt?” So, this is what I came up with, kind of a creepy little drawing, but I’ve been doing creepy and crawly lately… not quite sure why. : /

In the meantime, Bavarian life as we know it is changing forever… because German president Wulff has resigned after evidence of light corruption? Oh, who gives a screw :P I’m talking about Muller, my favorite bakery, getting embroiled in a sanitary scandal!! The McDonald’s of bakeries and part of my morning routine for the last five years now, I really hope they don’t go under, rat poop be damned… I’m drinking cold coffee from one of their papers cups right now. ‘frisch wie muller’ (fresh like muller’, it says. The windmill logo windmills at me in a friendly way. I prefer this bakery much more over its competitor ‘Wimmer’, if for no other reason than Wimmer’s slogan always struck me as slightly challenging “Wimmer. Your baker forever” (because we killed all your other bakers bhahaha) is what I always read into that slogan….