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It’s pretty much accepted that it’s a bad idea to try to rekindle a relationship with an ex, but what about an ex friend? A friend you broke up with? Can you get back together with them?

This last month or two I’ve been trying to get back together with one of my closest friends and not making the best go of it. I just wish I could not be so intense ;__;

Now we got into a fight the other day, J + Nazgul + I are leaving for two weeks tomorrow, so I am sad that the fight has not been resolved. It is one of those where you avoid the person, because you really don’t know what to say. You avoid, and draw sores, eyes and slabs of meat instead….

On the back of an art block: The more nervous I am, the more meat and eyes I draw….

The operation was a success. (oil pastel on the back of a sketch block)

Tomorrow we’re packing the last of it and day after tomorrow, I’m getting on a one million hour flight with a toddler. Man, am I going to enjoy getting on that plane, with everyone staring at me eyes glassy with fear, and the whole aircraft pulsing with a soft monotone chant of please not by me please not by me please not by me person with baby please not by me >____>

If you never hear from me again, they probably flung us out of the escape hatch somewhere over Abu Dhabi. In that case, it was nice to know you guys!!


The Amputated Nurse

I don’t draw sorrow; nothing deep and nothing dark–that’s not the purpose of drawing for me, but sometimes something very sad will come knocking on the door of ma tower and then I’ll have to make just the slightest break from tails and birds. If you’ve been coming to my Couch for a while you will probably recall my very good friend W from previous entries–fellow artist, weirdo,¬† awkward person, Peter Pan. Him and I have clocked too many hours drinking coffee and drawing to Amy Winehouse.

the nurse1Marlene Dumas and Vincent Van Gogh are my ultimate art spirit animals and I asked them to come help me a tiny bit to make a drawing for my good friend W. If he sees this, he will know why I put this up now.

It’s a tribute to one of my absolute favorite drawings from him, called ‘The Amputated Nurse and the Crying Patient’. W, thanks for all your support and friendship and and….

;__;  ::big hug::
See you on Tuesday, k?

You can check out Wilco’s art here.

Swell (Supernova)

yellow and pink = my happy place

Ugh, been so busy, I did not think I would draw anything for this week’s thingie, but then I was at Ws today and we had a little drawing session, as much as you can have with an enraged Nazgul flapping his wings about you. When the little dragon had finally eaten enough souls to rest his weary head, I was feeling pretty swell, because it was quiet, and I was drawing with a good friend and drinking coffee, which is just about my favorite thing to do. Oil pastel, petrol, graphite and some weird/awesome black sludge that resides at Ws contributed to this pic. It’s called ‘Supernova’ and it’s a tribute to summer here in Munich. He finally made the right turn and found us!! (For this week at least =D)

Speaking of ‘swell’ haha, so (I have to lead up to this story a bit) last year, when I was leading one of my groups around the treacherous alleys of NSS (Castle Neuschwanstein), I got bit one fine August day by a fucked up little bug that was thin and gray. It hurt, this bite did, but I paid it no special attention until my foot and ankle (I had been bitten on the ankle) swelled up next morning to Elephant Man sized proportions. And so it stayed for two days.

…. Exactly ONE YEAR LATER (this last Friday) I was bitten by some other fucked up little bug ON THE ANKLE and my leg and ankle swelled up to… You guessed it! Elephant man sized proportions. So I missed Slutwalk, because I could not hoist a five kilo bag of kitty liter on my shoulder and have some douchebag ask me how much for a blowjob, carting around that sexy kitty litter–yes, that would have been my ‘slut costume’, which could not be materialized with an ankle that was swollen and itching. But next year!

Going to go to bed now. However, stay tuned, in a day, but no less than two, I shall have a special post full of sex and violence  books, and in the meantime, sleep tight, my little droogies.