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colored paper, graphite and tiny bit of acrylic (Separation - song: In the Air) Click on picture to activate awesome sprinkles.

A composer knows that music is written by human beings for human beings and that music is a continuation of life, not something separated from it. ~ Hanns Eisler
So, I think this is the nicest drawing I’ve ever done. Of course my luck, it’s on a freakin’ page where I had another, totally random and unrelated drawing of a cute kitten. I started drawing around the cat and then…. And it is cute and vaguely reminding me of (–). I guess I could’ve shopped it out… but its big wet eyes said: Please! Please don’t shop me awaaaayyyy. So he stays. The IF prompt is ‘Separation’, and that is a word that gets my brain going much easier than ‘Brigade’. I had a few hours today after I’d translated Squid Girl and wiped my kid’s bum to throw a drawing down the hatch.
Barn owl inspired by a photo of one of my Flickr friends. I really love barn owls… they have such interesting faces… (Does a bird have a face? Whatever… ). Their faces are kind of humanoid; one part benevolent, and one part eerie. (I think it’s the combination of the mask-like quality of the white heartshape and the pupil-less, ultra-black eyes….) At any rate, there is something very beautiful and disturbing to me about a barn-owl’s face, which is why I wanted to draw one.
And then tomorrow! Wish us luck… We will do battle with an enormous dead turkey and fresh herbs to make Fangsgiving dinner for our peoples.
Fangsgiving Menu at Casa Schopenfag:
Pumpkin soup
Roast turkey
Potatoes with gravy
Salad with pan-seared mushrooms
Stuffing with dried cranberries and sausage
Creamy Yambake (Courtesy of Justin, thank you!! =D)
Delicious pies (Courtesy of Paintblotch, thank you!! <3333)
And there will be one baby Nazgul milling amongst the guests, sinking his five fangs into them. (He now has five (5!) baby teeth out and one more about to come….) Anyway, I hope the neighbors don’t call the cops again on us like they did last year, and I wish you guys all a great weekend =)