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Mesmerizing Spit

Mesmerized by.... ? 'Spit'.

I did it. I finished my submission for this week’s illustration.
The topic was ‘Mesmerizing’.
My inspiration was from a novel by Witold Gombrowicz, called ‘Cosmos’.

What? You don’t know Witold Gombrowicz? Why, he’s only the most famous Polish writer of all time! (Ok, that’s a lie. I have no idea how famous he is in Poland or anywhere else, but I have a friend  who loathes the  smarmy ‘What? You don’t know x? Why, he’s only the most famous X of all time!’ ..pattern, and it was for the memory of our friendship that I said so….)

Ahem. Anyway. Back to G. (His name is too long to type, ‘Gombrowicz’ hereafter known as ‘G’.)

G was a fellow writer in exile, born near the beginning of last century and living in Argentina most of his life.
He wrote some whack shit, which is why I like him.

His novel ‘Cosmos’ is about a young man (forgot his name) who moves into a boarding house and becomes convinced that random objects/incidents/people in the house are pointing to a certain ‘mystery’ he becomes more and more compelled to solve. One of the boarding house’s mysteries is the landlady’s daughter, a beautiful girl whose mouth he becomes MESMERIZED by whenever she speaks to him. He becomes obsessed with her mouth and her teeth, and at some point starts to hallucinate that she has the desire to spit in his mouth.

He is consumed with the idea that she is trying to send him secret signs with her mesmerizing mouth so as to arrange a situation where she can spit into his.

I remember reading that and thinking that it sounded pretty gross.


A little hot.

So I drew it for ya, moofies. :P

Baby Nazgul Update!

And now, drumroll. (–), my little baby Nazgul has said his first word.
WordS, in fact!

Yup. At the delicate age of six months, he was in the other room last week when, what? Dost my ears deceive me? (–) has started clamoring for…

-Naan! (the Indian flat-bread.)

Naan!  He caterwauled. Naaan! Naaaan!
I told him he’ll have to wait until he has teeth to sink his tiger-fangs into some naan, but he won’t listen. The other word he’s uttered is Nen! (The Japanese word for year.) All day now, he yells ‘bread’ and ‘year’.

Bets are up for his next word. So far, my money is on ‘bacon’.