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Thorn Collar, Lace Collar – Illu Frito

Or 'The Thumbsuckers' This is a picture for everyone who wants to return to the womb...

For the last two Illu Fritos, I was so unhappy with what I had drawn, I did not submit >< But this week, I am okay with this drawing, maybe. I sucked my thumb for a horribly long time. I won’t say how long. But I remember how amazingly comforting it was to suck my thumb. I wish I could go back there, to those times. Just pour the bathtub full of water and sit in it and suck your thumb when you’re scared or down…. Go back to the womb. The first picture I saw of my kid in the womb, he was sucking his thumb too… Too bad prolonged thumb sucking fucks up your teeth AND your thumb. (I learned this the hard way….)

But yeah, that is my submission for the prompt ‘Return’.

In other mews, the Baby Nazgul will be officially celebrating his first year tomorrow ^__^. Wow, can you believe it? One year with the little soul-eater. It’s gone by so fast. Let’s review his skillz, shall we? He can rage poop. He can parkour (In fact, he has successfully parkoured into the kitchen and off of both flights of stairs..) and he can almost walk. He can say ‘yes’ in Russian and ‘Change my diaper now or I’ll fucking kill you and your unborn children’ in Nazgul.He has already attempted his first french kiss with a man at the age of seven months, which is how I knew he was, indeed, my son.

Thank you to everyone who came to the unofficial birthday at Aunt Paintblotch’s…. and for all the presents and the baby bath soap I will be using while I sit in the bath tub and suck my thumb and read my lesbian zombie book be using to bathe the little curly brace. It was wonderful to see all you moofs. Have a great week and Happy April to all. <3