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Food Porn #1

This will be the first in a series of food porn (a subject near and dear to my heart.)

Look at that waffle. He just lay there and took it….
To eat this deliciousness specifically, you will have to find the cafe called ‘Australian’. They have one in Amsterdam (and eating a waffle of this nature while you’re insanely high may be one of life’s greatest pleasures… Almost as good as
biting into a chocolate cupcake right when you’re about to come. To my delight,
I discovered an ‘Australian’ much closer to our neck of the woods, up
in Nurnberg.

Otherwise– To anyone following the Ice-T case in Hungary with breath
that is bated >:P– the man and his music has been freed! Charges against
Tilos radio have been dropped when it was abruptly decided that the
English lyrics not cause moral-warpification of (not really existent)
younger listeners.

To anyone following the Hungarian media law kerfuffle–
protest from at home and from abroad has Hungarian PM Victor Orban
considering a reversal, though he and supporters of the law insist
it is not much different from other media laws in the EU and safely
within EU guidelines