It’s summer, moofies! Time to grab your favorite boy for a fine round of dresseling golf.

Yep, we’re in the Urban dictionary. All four of us:

muh-rayA Merey can have the first impression of a bitch, but once you get to know her, she’ll be an amazing friend.
This is probably because she tends to move around a lot so tries not to get too close to people too quickly.
Because of moving around she has probably seen many of the sights of the world and because she probably has old money, she has high expectations of life and probably aims to be in the performing arts (dancing, singing, acting) and is probably very good at it.
what a bitch!” “Oh no, she’s a Merey!!
handsome pretty man
A very sexy male who is asian. He wears glasses and probably is going to grow up to be a pharmacist.College student who likes tall white girls.Very short but is a cutie.

Jackie: “OMG Jun’s coming.”
David: “I know you want him. Get ‘eemmm”
Jackie: “I think I will ;] I can’t resist a Jun.”

And the best definition goes to Dr. Fail:

to dressel someone means you have sex with him/her and he/she is just a fuck. you don’t give a shit whats the persons name or what he/she ist doing. The sex is rough so he/she can not take action the next days, this person needs to recover. mostly you make sex with this person and you show her/him something new. You brake their mental walls down. Mostly just using the partner as a thing.
i dresseled her last night, now she knows how to deepthroat, she did not show up in office today. so i did realy dressel her.

2 responses to “Schopenfags

  1. hahaha the urban dictionary. My family name apparently means male genitalia. The definition for my given name inflates my ego: 28 up, 60 down (a hazel has a massive…). This cracked me up: “This is probably because she tends to move around a lot so tries not to get too close to people too quickly.” HAHAHA!
    For dressel I like: “A big giant douche. Sometimes slightly felched.” Who the heck makes up this s….t?!

  2. Hazel, I always knew you were packin’ heat >:P

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