Ferocious (Torsten Solin)

Take his stuff, Jim. He's asleep. Brown ink, colored pencil, coffee.

Torsten Solin is an artist who likes dolls.

His pictures combine the following awesome elements:
Big eyed girl +
Boobies +
Dead animal.

My contribution to IF this week is a tribute to his art, which I would describe as ferocious. My version has no boobies, you’ll have to click here for those.
Also, my cat is asleep. Not dead. Also, this will be my last contribution for a while, ’cause the Schopenfags are going to do America.

Yeehaw! It’s going to be just us, a little baby and the open road. Diners and chicken-fried steaks and flat-tires, as far as the eye can see. Jack Kerouac and ten sandwiches to cross the country with, stuffed marmots staring down at you glassy eyed in Norman Bates motel rooms…
The smell of redwood pines…

And in other news!

The world’s littlest moof got sick this week. : / It was his first sickness EVER and he did not like it one bit. I was wondering why he was howling so lustily at dinner last weekend. We’d gone out with friends and he’s usually quite a genial baby in public, but this night, (–) thrashed and wailed. …I even had to take him into another little room (we were in a Japanese restaurant) and eat my fried octopus legs in the dark while I tried to get him to sleep…

(mmm, octopus legs…)

The next day he was full-blown sick.
I tried to explain to him: Baby, this is called feeling like shit.
It comes and it goes, but he didn’t get it.
His howls sounded so betrayed.

It’s gone for him and come for me; now I feel like someone stuffed
wet, hot, ass-soaked cotton behind my eyeballs. I too want to howl for revenge; find who did this and make them pay…

4 responses to “Ferocious (Torsten Solin)

  1. Why is a mouth on the hair?

  2. Why not? :D

    No, I thought… do I want the mouth to be open or closed? I sketched an open one in the corner, to see what it would look like.. and thought. No. Closed. Then when I went to erase it later… I started coloring it in instead. I thought it looked kind of weird. But you can’t really erase colored pencil.

  3. it looks like a mouth barrette :) hair clip…you might be on to something! Love the cat paw especially. heh heh…kitty….
    ugh…yeah you and little guy were sick too?! me too!! wrote about it on my post !! except i skipped the part about the japanese restaurant and yummy octopus legs…i became afflicted a few days ago. Its because of the wiesn moof…wiesn virus. I think Dr. Fail theories about the Wiesn are becoming a law.

  4. WV, huh? Maybe. We’re pretty much over it now, but now the little sicko got inoculated and he’s crying about that : / This has not been a good week for the little guy.
    Mouth barette hahaha Who knows what I was thinking.

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