I <3 Sleep

hanndddddssssss Pretty good hands, huh? I drew them from my head... I am pretty proud of that... Usually, I have to find hands in Vogue for help....but victory is so fleeting. Read on.

Stav in the Snow. Don't ask why I put all that white. I can't tell you.

I’ve been writing too much here. This post is going to be short. Crisis, crisis! Sometimes, I get so sick of drawing. I just get sick of wanting to draw. Here I am, at 2 in the morning, up, because I was shading a nose forever (not the nose above, the nose I am shading is still here, staring at me mockingly.) Like, I want to look at a pretty face and feel… jack shit. That would be amazing.

I’m semi-obsessed with this guy now. He has a very complex nose. No, he’s not Russian. Ok, I lied, he is. I showed my mom a pic of him thinking I was exposing her to some rare glimpse of loveliness–

Me: Isn’t this guy just great?
Mom:…. this guy?! He’s okay.
Me: Okay?? He looks like this beautiful…. wild-cat!
Mom: He looks common….
Me:  WHERE? Tell me where he is common so that I may move there!!!!

And then I randomly found this lady on Flickr and… yet again! I want to put down my pencils, curl up in the corner and eat Cheetos until I pass out in an orange hayz. I wrote her an incoherent admiry comment, something about how I would willingly wrestle with a bear on a mountaintop for ten years if I could be a fraction as good as her.

Check out her stuff, aspiring artists, only if you are feeling okay about yourself, because she will floor you.

12 responses to “I <3 Sleep

  1. The hands are awesome! i find it hard to draw hands…so when I get some semblance of the form in my work I consider it an accomplishment! The white is great. Keep up the great work!

    • My mom calls these fantasy hands, because they’re a little bit cheating, you know? :D It’s still hard for me to try to draw hands the way they really look… but that’s next, I guess. Thanks for your support ^-^

  2. Her work is incredible.
    Your work is also incredible.
    I love the twisty hair with a blissful life of it’s own in the first drawing, and the hands, so expressive.
    Beautiful Moof.

    • Awww, thanks Karen. Her work is incredible… I really do love it… <3
      My work… oh, I think…. maybe… I can be good one day… ::laughs:: Just sometimes… my art envy (Laura Davies!!!!!! <3 <3 feeling you right now!!) my art envy is very strong. It's like I want to be good NOW, and it doesn't work like that… it's a long time. But I'll keep at it.

  3. “Me: WHERE? Tell me where he is common so that I may move there!!!!”
    So? What was her answer? I want to know.
    oh Stella im Hultberg, she is friends with Audrey Kawasaki and Amy Sol, they exhibit together sometimes. Its hard not to like hair LOL!

  4. Yeah, I’ve seen her work on the internet before, and while I liked it…. dot dot dot. But her stuff on flickr… her little paintings and moleskine drawings are so delicate and beautiful, I was just like….::sigh::…

  5. To be honest, I prefer your drawings, and yes, I am obviously so jealous of those hands that you drew.

    • 0_o…. All right.
      Who sent you?!? Who are you working for?!? ::laughs:: Just kidding, but really Laura, you are too nice to me. You pump me up when I feel blue; thanks for that. Paintblotch told me once to not draw everything I thought I saw on a hand, just the shape of it. It took a while to see what she meant, but now, it’s starting to click (splayed hand still very hard…)
      Good luck on your own hand spirit journey–you know you always have a shoulder to cry on here =)

  6. Great hands beautiful work :)

  7. The hands! The hands!! You have the hands… I’m so jealous, what is your secret? I suspect it’s a bit of the “less is more” type of things, as soon as I (try to) add finger nails they look like tiny shovel appendages.

    And another thing: The white looks fabulous! I love coloured paper with white highlights and negative space and all those good things – makes me want to dust off the sketchbooks and get to work!

    • Watcha talking about?! You’ve got nice hands… nice bold hands!! I saw them on the last post with sketches…but if you want MORE practice, I highly recommend buying an issue of Vogue (or some fashion magazine). So many hands there, for the picking!

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