Getting Closer….

…to the Andrej Pejic masterpiece.
‘My gender is open to artistic interpretation.”  -Andrej Pejic
Well, pretty much everything about me is open to artistic interpretation, so I’ll drink to that!!

Andrej Pejic - Unicorn Power!!!

I’m a little happy and a little sad… a little happy, because I finished this pic of Andrej Pejic and it is pretty much what I wanted (which is so rare in a picture)…
A little sad because my mom’s brown sketchbook is starting to get full and to anticipate my new brown paper need, I got a new sketchbook that looked entirely the same… but the paper is thinner and not nearly as durable under ink or watercolor : /

Oh well, we’ll see what we can do.

In the meantime, have a great start of the weeks, moofs. I have actually written a guest post (!) on a book blog (!) that I’m pretty excited about… no sex n’ violence n’ chicken in that post, just more raving about writing and more picta’s….

And then, my little Nazgul can climb the stairs now! We have to be careful, as he likes to have a sudden sit and that can mean rolling down the stairs and stairs and babies not mixing, but we carefully stand behind him as he climbs all the way to the top. I think he will be a sporty guy, most definitely more like his father. I couldn’t climb the stairs until I was like… fifteen.


10 responses to “Getting Closer….

  1. Fantastic. Love the limited palette effect.

  2. I love beautiful ambiguous sexed people. I wish I was. Unfortunately I have a massive round head and would never make a beautiful boy.

    Do you remember the beautiful Androgynous god/alien in Stargate & the Crying Game?

    I was devastated when a saw a more recent photo of him.

    I could have cried. Such a waste.

    • I didn’t dare click on the ‘What happened to him’ link… The ‘before’ picture
      was too beautiful.
      What’s creepy is that that looks almost exactly like the male version
      of my best friend from high school!!! 0_0…

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. no I wish I hadn’t now.
    Lucky best friend.

    • You know what’s sad? Your links get more play than the ones I post! :D Goes to show you know how to post the good stuff… I will learn from your mysterious ways!!!

  4. Gorgeous Moof! Those lips, that expression.

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