Da Graveyard

The Third Dream – Nagel Lanvaettir <3

Another boy, another octopus…. it never ends.

NOTE: Some of these draws are really old and really shitty. ….. But deleting feels kind of wrong…

Seperation – Day and Night

The unholy beauty of a. pejic <3 {But I have not done him proper justice : / Will have to try again…..}

Yuri (Girl Love) – This is the opposite of Yaoi.

Yaoi. Stars added to not get me in trouble with WP…. :D

I love boys who smoke they are so ssssseeexxxy yes I know big tobacco has me eating out of their hand what can I say I am a consumer whore but I love boys who smoke, kids don’t smoke please, it kills

Symbiosis – a + e It’s a girl + girlboy story.

Listening to music.

A picture for/of a friend.

Bad dream/good dream


Run. (Make it big by clicking to fully appreciate.)

Venus 2011 or I <3 Androgyny

Let the Right One In.

Ave Maria or Fail holds the Lord of Poop

Jar of Hearts

Az Alom – The Dream

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – I am that I am

The Dream II.

My beautiful (–), two weeks.

The Neon Crucifix

Boys Kissing

Boys Dresseling

Van Gogh is my penis art hero

Self Portrait with (–)

25 responses to “Da Graveyard

  1. Your work is wonderful

    • Donald, you win!
      You are the first person to comment on my sketchbook ^-^b
      and I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately, your name has no link,
      so I can’t check out your stuff =(

  2. Hi! Thank you for commenting on my artworks at my blog. Your drawings are beautiful and I love the unique style.

  3. these are sooooooo beautiful. i want a book like that. had to look a few times!

  4. You are a really great artist, love the drawings!!!!

  5. These are really terrific. Thank you.

  6. Very nice work…love the three-some :)

  7. i have found a true artist, you are inspiring. i am an artist too, i draw and write. but not as good as you. don’t ever stop.

    • Ahh, dear Cleo. You come at a right time, because I am always fighting with myself and just when I think I need to stop this horrible waste of time that is my silly raving and my drawing, somebody like you comes along and gives me hope. Thank you for inspiring me in return! <3

  8. This is awesome!!! Your work is really GOOD!!!!

  9. Ilike, Love your stuff, I want more!

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