My Graphic

My graphic novel ‘a + e 4ever‘ was published by Lethe Press in September 2011.

It’s about a girl-faced malchik with a severe touch-phobia and the take-no-prisoners devotchka who wants to cure him–friendship, art, music, and the destruction of many Hostess cupcakes ensue. The drawings are black and white, done in pen, brush and ink. If you like the stuff I draw, or the crazy shizzle I write, this may be the book for you.

Update: My book was named a Stonewall Honor Book for 2012, for outstanding gay/les/bi/trans fiction for young adults =0

It was also put on the American Library Association’s Over The Rainbow list for outstanding LGBT fic for adults in 2012 and picked as a top ten choice. (I was initially competing with 270 or so titles, so I am so proud of that =)

More update: Jo Stapley interviews the fuck out of me on her wonderful blog called Once Upon a Bookcase:!!!! Thank you Jo, I loved thinking about your questions, you asked amazing ones <3 If you’re interested, you can read the interview here.


You can check me out on Goodreads. =)
You can check out the first chapter here.

I would like to thank these bloggers for taking the time to feature my book on their sites:

Genna Sarnak

Alien Bee

Between the Covers

And thanks moofies for all your love, interest and support, I could not have done it without you. ^-^

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