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Q: When Will They Chain Up the Internets?

A: Neva’

Dear moofies….

Sorry to post-bomb you : ( I try to keep my posts downish; I figure peeps have better stuff to do than read about my ravings, but this has just been brought to my attention. You know, I worry about a lot of shit at night. When I close my eyes, I worry about death, oh, and sickness. I am a morbid person. I worry about my parents getting old and dying. About cruelty in the world.

I also worry about the Internet.

One night, I was so anxious about the state of the internet that I had to wake J up at about four in the morning. Hey, I poked him, hey! He opened his eyes groggily.
What? What the fuck?
I said… do you think… they’ll ever chain the internets up?
J: ….what?
Me: …the internet. Do you think they’ll ever chain it up?
I’m not sure who I meant by ‘they’. I have a shadowy, amorphous fear of a power called ‘they’ that I can’t define, but he got it immediately.
J: (sweet, sleepy voice) ….Never….

Sadly though, they will try.
If you go on to Wikipedia right now, you’ll notice that the site is blacked out. This is in protest of two bills moving through Congress. These bills would try to severely limit the way we (Americans) use the internet. If you’ve got a minute and you are an American, you can write to your representative with this handy form and ask them to withdraw support from this measure.

If you would like to read more about it before you get involved, there are a ton of great links on the Wikipedia site. I leave it for you here.


Thanks moofs and take care. <3