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I Am That I Am – Insomniac 2.

I am that I am - Ehyeh asher ehyeh

My attempts to engage with color continue…
The Moleskine is very good for curing an ink/crack addiction, because if you try to ink anything in it, the paper will explode in a firey shower of brains. (Actually, it just gets this kind of… festy marbled feel… anyway, it’s not pretty.) So, since I can’t use ink, I am forced to use pencil, charcoal, acrylic, and other thingies.

Flower and color-scheme STOLEN unabashedly from Mr. Luff–but I’m learning how to draw flowers and use colors, so hopefully he doesn’t mind a total noob stealing from him. Need a couple more years though until my smoke can even ATTEMPT to look as CREAMY and phosphorescent as his… //gnashes teeth jealously//
Acrylics provided by this woman!
Pose provided by Juno.
Inspired by Mucha and the waiting for (–).