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Moleskine 1.

Standing in a field.

By now, W has drawn me from every angle–sitting, standing, lying down. The other day, he asked me if I planned on doing a self-portrait before the birth. Nah…. I said. But I guess I changed my mind.

I think (–) turned out really cute. ^-^

(But moof, my meaner readers are thinking… You don’t actually have a jaw-line! I KNOW. But when my pencil was there and I started to draw the weak chin… I just couldn’t, ok??!?)

This is the first in a Moleskine series, inspired by Paintblotch. The Moleskine paperĀ  is so Christian. No matter how much you erase, it turns the other cheek. (Make a mark on my other paper and it is STAYING.)

Have a nice Monday, crocs.