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Off the Road II

So we made it.

5,000 miles with two men, a moof, and a baby Nazgul.

Before we set even a toe-nail on the road, a little corner deep in our hearts trembled at the prospect of heading out on such a long journey with (–), but
somewhere along the line, he had become a road baby. It was not easy: We had our moments, our frustrations, our pants covered in shit (some of us more than others.) We had our fights, our petty moments when Gryffendor and Hufflepuff clashed, as only married Houses can, while Slytherin blithely drove on and Ravenclaw sucked his thumb. Still, after Massachusetts, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington D.C. Virginia, N. Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon (and as a bonus, even Washington state!); after untold amounts of Waffle Houses, strips of bacon, gas station coffees and Frito Lays  dissolving their delicious sodiatic splendors on my tongue, well, after all that, I think we did pretty good. The tiniest taste of our travels:

LIttle (--), big hotel bed.

New Orleansy

The Painted Hills

Greetings from the Sonoma DesertGreetings from the Sonoma Desert

Another delicious roadside attraction.

The family, ie, the Lost Boys

Homecoming - Photo by Jillian Shayer Kling

I have not been back to the United States for an extended period in a long time. It was strange to see this place, so littered with nostalgia…

I just finished a historical thriller called ‘Enigma’, about the English Bletchley Park code-breakers of WWII. At one point, the narrator talks about the general shabbiness of overall life that is the hardest for the average man to accustom to. There is a shabbiness to America I am not used to seeing in my memories, but then, she (he?) is just pulling herself out of a decade long war. The people look tired, but they’ve also got hope.

To J and his family, E in Virginia, P + V + C in the Carolinas,¬† B + B in Texas, the wonderful J clan in LA, and the two Bs and two Cs of San Jose: Thank you for all your hospitality!! To everyone else we met along the road, old friends– it was great to see you guys =) And thank you to Jill for her beautiful pictures while we were in LA. If you are in the LA area and are looking for a talented photographer for portraits, family or wedding pictures, I can’t recommend her enough. Check out here stuff here!

Catch ya later, moofs!